Down Memory Lane with Celebrity Crushes

Happy 2014 Everyone. My task is to discuss celebrity crushes. In the spirit of the new year and auld lang syne, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and look at my celebrity crushes over my life and see how the’ve changed.


It all started with Vince Van Patten, who owned my very young, very girlish heart. Apple’s Way star, pro  tennis player. He even showed up in my dreams. While that sounds ordinary, I rarely remember my dreams, even as a child, so this was big stuff.

By the end of the 1970s, however Vince was out, Harrison Ford was in. Han Solo in Star Wars morphed into Indiana Jones, which kept him on my fantasy life throughout the 1980s.

Harrison Ford


Then I entered adulthood (or what passes for adulthood), my passion for science fiction thrived and Marc Singer sprang onto my screen in V and Beast Master. He may not be typically handsome, but I loved, loved, loved those long, strong legs, narrow hips and wide shoulders.  Total body love that one.

Marc Singer
Marc Singer Pictures

The end of the 80s saw the emergence of one actor who still owns a piece of my heart–Antonio Banderas. I loved the quirky, dark humor of Spanish Director Pedro Almovodar, who used Banderas as his lead in many films. He remains a favorite, even as he has graduated to more steadfast father roles. That man is sexy at any age.

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas Pictures


Enter Keanu Reeves, who reprogrammed my crushes with the adrenline rush of Speed and the, of course, the Matrix.  If he is always Keanu, it is what I’m paying for.

2000 and 2010

And my recent passion, with a truly sexy Australian accent, plays a damn good super hero and can sang is Hugh Jackman. Also sexy at any age.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman Pictures

Who’s the earliest crush you can remember?

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  1. I’d forgotten about V…loved that miniseries and loved Marc Singer! Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  2. I LOVED Beast Master!!! Hmm….the earliest that I can remember would probably be Michael Jackson when I was about 5. I had a picture of him in a frame that I kept in my dresser. Lol.
    As I got older, it was Corey Haim.

  3. My first celebrity crush was David Cassidy, I LOVED ‘The Partridge Family’. I had pictures plastered all over my bedroom wall, including the ‘centerfold’ from 16 Magazine. Oh, the good old days. 🙂

  4. He was on my list, and my wall too. I almost put him in this post too, but in the end, if I had to choose, it would have been Vince.

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