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Year of the Horse

iStock_000022236682SmallLast year I pretty much stopped writing. I had a free short I wrote for Musa, but that was about it. I needed a break and I took it. Go forward a few months, and usher in the Year Of The Horse, and wham – I find myself in a ocean of edits for two books coming out soon – Formula for Love and For The Bite Of It.

(Yeah, the pic, right, it has nothing to do with the Horse. 🙂 – but he’s nice, isn’t he!)

I love esoteric stuff – tarot, astrology, symbolism, numerology —- so I was interested in what the Chinese say about their Year of the Horse:

Year of the Horse began on January 30 on the New Moon.

Grip the reins because it’s a year of fast victories, unexpected adventures, and surprising romance. Ooh la la.

Energy is high and productive – and I find this is true for me. I have three major projects that are all culminating in March – two new books and a new online creativity class I’ve created with my wonderful artist friend.

If you want success, then decisive action is needed, not procrastination – oops, well, I’ll work on that.

Under the Horse there is no middle ground! Globally expect chaos.

So hang onto your hats for one wild ride.

Peace and Love

Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

Taxes and a New Novel

You may have noticed that we’re undergoing some renovations here at Darker Temptations. Posts may be a little sparse – but we are still here. And we are working on bringing you more authors and more content. Stay tuned.

On another note, everyone dreads April 15 in the US. It’s Tax Day. It’s almost a national holiday. The post office is open until midnight so you can get that all important post mark that’s dated April 15 – even if you waited until 10pm that night to start your taxes. (Though there’s a small contingent of us who look forward to it if only because it means that all of the tax hoop-jumping is finally over.)

This year, I have another reason to look forward to the date.  My third novel comes out from Intermix. This one is Urban Fantasy, set in my neighborhood in Seattle (Ballard).  I’ve turned the tea shop where I like to write into my heroine’s tattoo shop. (The tea shop staff are amused rather than annoyed, thankfully.)

Just got the cover last week. So here you go. I hope it means I can give a few other people something to look forward to on April 15. Besides taxes.

With theNightmareInk needle of a tattoo gun, Isa Romanchzyk has the power to create and  destroy. In her shop Nightmare Ink, Isa helps those in need by binding the  powers embedded in their Live Ink—the magical tattoos that can enhance the life  of the wearer, or end it.  But binding tattoos has earned Isa the contempt  of her fellow artists—including her former lover Daniel.

When a friend comes to the shop with a tattoo on the verge of  killing him, Isa can’t turn him away. For the first time in years, she works  Live Ink into someone’s skin—something she swore she’d never do again. But  breaking her vow soon becomes the least of her problems. Isa is horrified to discover her friend’s body in the shop, but  the real nightmare begins when she’s abducted and inked against her will.

Now, as she seeks retribution from the man who betrayed her, Isa must  figure out how to bind her Living Tattoo before it consumes her completely…


Nightmare Ink — Coming April 15, 2014 from Intermix – Urban Fantasy

Be My Valentine

5327816008_d3189e1a8c_nI find it ironic that I’m not into Valentine’s Day, be it that I write romance. Some of my characters are much more into it – the more romantic being Skye, Ryan and John from Woodland Village. Their partners are either too pragmatic or too busy to think about what day it is…

Skye is an artist and has a creative and sensitive soul, and he is not afraid to display his emotions. His partner Drew is reserved and keeps his emotions close to his chest – so he’d have a difficult time with Valentine’s Day. The best he’d come up with is taking Skye out to dinner to a nice restaurant with an elegant and quiet atmosphere. I’d bet he’d skip on the present and rely on a card for his sentiment.

Skye on the other hand would give Drew something personal. Perhaps he’d create a painting for Drew’s office. Or frame a photograph of the two of them when they were relaxed and happy . It would be a reminder for Drew to stop and just what life has to offer!

Ryan is opposite of his brother Drew. He lives large and is not afraid to show how much he cares for Martin. He’d plan a weekend in New York, booking rooms into The Four Seasons hotel. They’d have dinner at One If By Land, Two If By Sea (since it’s romantic and has a ‘ocean’ theme) – a bit stuffy but Ryan would get a kick out of flaunting his relationship with Martin in front of stuffy New Yorkers.

Martin would get a tattoo where only Ryan could see it. 🙂

John is the romantic of the duo. Scott doesn’t like big crowds. He prefers to be in the background without attention focused on him. John is aware of this and would plan accordingly. He would take Martin to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains where they would have alone time together. Scott’s present would be giving all his attention to John and not once turning on his laptop to write!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

You can check out my Woodland Village series at my website!


johnsmatch-200Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

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