Further Evidence

Another entry into evidence, if you please. To whit: Why it takes so long for Marcella to write anything.

This is Hatshepsut trying to eat one of my earplugs. I write. After a few hours of writing, I take a break and do ten minutes of alpha state meditation to reset my brain. This includes some sensory deprivation – like earplugs – to help focus. It’s a great tool for problem solving in a story. When the timer goes off, ending my session, I’m supposed to get right back up to the page so I can record whatever bubbled to the surface during the meditation. Based on this video, you can see that isn’t happening.

At least I know about Hatshepsut’s odd taste for earplugs. The first time I discovered that she’d eaten my earplugs, and I do mean eaten – she’d left slimy, rubbery yellow and red bits of them all over the floor, I called the vet’s office in a panic. I figured she’d block up her system or be poisoned by the stupid things. No. Nothing to worry about. Not that the vet tech managed to get those words out over the phone. I gathered, from the gales of laughter, that my cat was in no danger.

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  1. I caught my older male cat chewing on my ear buds one night. He left little marks and dents all over the hard plastic part!!! Since I tend to use them in bed at night, if I am watching something on Netflix or something, I have started putting them inside one of my pillow cases.

    • Ha! I keep the earplugs under my pillow. My biggest problem is that I’m slightly allergic to my beloved felines. Cat spit on something I’m going to stick in my ear canal equals itching some place really uncomfortable. 😀 I hope you don’t have that issue, June.

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