The Not Post

It’s my turn to blog today. Ain’t gonna happen.  Beyond, you know, this. I’m out of town, which would usually be a good thing. In this case, I’m at my parents’ house taking care of my sister. She had surgery to reconstruct an ankle. Lots of pain involved with that. Immobility, too.  And lots of medications to keep straight and record so we stay on top of the pain without killing anyone.

Those of you in the nursing profession, have no earthly clue how you do it. It’s only been three days and this is murder. Maybe it’s the waking up every three hours throughout the night to administer meds and make sure she doesn’t capsize while trying to get to the bathroom. Whatever it is, I fully acknowledge that there’s no comparison to what real nurses do. I have just one patient and while she’s snoozing under the influence of her pain pills, I can do things like sit nearby and type. Or pet the cat. Or make my niece’s breakfast before school.

So. Those of you tending patients for a living? You have my every appreciation.

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