Here’s my secret. What’s yours? #Giveaway for secrets

I wish I had a super fun secret to share like Marcella. A card reader! How cool is that. My secrets all tend to be of the serious kind. Remember, comment on all the writers posts on their secrets for a chance to win an author gift basket.  So I’ll get right to it, because I hate waiting for secrets.

Oh wait, I’m a writer. My job is to ramp up the anticipation. Make you wait for it, want it.

Just tell the secret, Sabrina.

I hear you out there. Of course, I promised so here it is.

But first, I have to share, I just got  new puppy. Here she is. Isn’t she the sweetest. She’s been home one week. Aaaah right.

photo 2

Secret, Sabrina. Secrets.

Where are my manners? Are you comfortable?  Do you want some virtual coffee or tea, cookies, maybe? I just baked some carrot, raisin and oatmeal. Tasty and good for you. They are calorie free when consumed virtually. No,nothing?


I’m digressing, aren’t I.

Yes, Sabrina.

All righty, then. Here goes.

I often blog about being a single mother. Its in my bio, I show off kid pics. I published a chapter in an anthology on motherhood. The part of that I rarely speak about is that I am what’s known as a single mother by choice. I had my daughter on my own (doctors, sperm banks). I was staring down my 42nd birthday, no man on the horizon, hadn’t been one in way too long. I had reached a biological juncture in the road. I literally faced a now or never scenario. I opted for now.

I think that’s also I started writing romance. Cause I still believe I’m going to get the guy,  just later and in reverse order. I just need to find him. Anyone with an unattached brother?

I’m not going to ask what you might do in my situation because its a tough question, and an extremely painful one. So you can just share a secret, or a story, or just say hi or give me some advice on puppies. I could really use some of that.  That’s all you need to do to get put into the gift basket lottery.





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Writer, reader, explorer, chauffeur (oops, I meant mom)

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  1. OMG, your puppy is too adorable! And, thanks for sharing your secret. It is a brave decision to have a child on your own, but I bet such a win win for you and your child!

  2. Thanks, Viki. She is cute.

  3. I don’t know that I could be brave or strong enough to make the decision to have a child on my own. Raising a child is the hardest but most rewarding thing in the world.The best tip I can give you for your new puppy is exercise her daily. This builds a strong bond between you.

    • Thanks for the puppy advice. And the kind words. One thing I have learned. We never really know what we’re capable of, how strong we truly are, until faced with things we never expected to have deal with.

  4. Cute puppy!! Just made for loving.


  5. Your new puppy is the cutest, Sabrina. The choice you have made is incredibly brave. I am in awe of you:).

  6. I’m a cat person, no kids by choice. Puppy is very cute, but I don’t do dogs. Enjoy!

  7. See, I think that IS a super fun secret – even if it had to be terrifying at the time! I admire that you thought through what you wanted and decided not to wait. And yes. That puppy is adorable. I have no doubt she has both humans wrapped around her little paws.

    • Thanks, Marcella. I like your spin on it, I’ll use that from now on. Pets do tend to takeover the household. I also have a cat. They are getting along, of a fashion. I think the cat is just putting up with her.

  8. She is super cute!
    I agree with the ladies, it was very brave to make the decision to do it on your own. There are so many factors involved in making a decision like that. Not just at the time, but also in the future.
    I was a single mom for years before I met my husband, so I know first hand the trials, tribulations and rewards that come along with it. I truly believe that my son and I have a stronger bond because of it.
    Good for you, Sabrina!! I hope you find that special man someday. 🙂

    • Thanks, Tina. The mom-kid two person family is certainly an intense one, but it does create strong bonds and lots of fights. All part of it I think. Thanks for sharing your story. You are my hope for pulling a family together in reverse order. Thanks for dropping by.

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