What’s My Secret – Relaunch #Giveaway

Viki Lyn

I believe I’m the last one to spill – the end of the two weeks!

I don’t keep many secrets. I guess it’s because I have a way of saying too much at times! I pretty much wear my heart openly. But there are a few things about me that some people don’t know about – I have over 300 volumes of Japanese yaoi (Boys Love) stored in my closet. I’m not sure why I keep this a secret from most people. Maybe it’s my age (much older than thirty!) and that the subject matter can be graphically erotic. Reading comics when I should be reading something more ‘important’ or even reading books in my genre (which I do on occasion!).

The mangakas (comic artists) have their unique style of drawing. It’s fun to follow their careers. In my fast paced world, yaoi provides a fast, sexy read, with a happy ever after ending. I bring a manga to the gym and read it while walking on the treadmill and it’s an easy 35-40 minute workout!

It’s an expensive habit but one that isn’t going away anytime soon.


Remember to leave a comment to get a chance to win!

Surprise Giveaways

At the end of our two weeks of secrets, they’ll be an author gift basket giveaway.  Each author gets to choose from one of the following three items to put in the basket:  1) an ebook; 2) a print book; or 3) a gift card.  We aren’t telling. Secrets, remember?  So the winner will receive four surprise prizes.

How do you win?

Easy. Comment on the blog post of our authors.  All commenters will be assigned a number and entered into a raffle. A winner will be chosen with  random.org, which selects numbers at–you guessed it–random.  You can increase your chances of winning by commenting on several authors’ posts. There are four of us, so if you comment on all four of our blog posts, we will assign you four number in the raffle. If you comment on just three, then you’ll be assigned three numbers, and so forth.

Come and join the fun.  What’s your secret?


Viki Lyn


Viki Lyn: Award winning author of gay and straight paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

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  1. I am a fan of yaoi (shhh don’t tell the hubs >.<).
    Something that most people do not know about me? I enjoy (really enjoy!) reading BDSM. So much so that I find that if I ever were given the chance I would go to a club just to sate my curiosity (visually only, since I am happily married).

  2. Oh, Kassandra, thank you for sharing! My hubs knows my habit – but seems to be amused by it. LOL Let’s us know if you ever dare go to a club. ;0

  3. Vikki, I have worked in one form or another as a bookseller for years and there is nothing more frustrating or annoying to me than being told they were looking for a “proper” book. As if books that entertain are not really a book. *rant over, sorry about that;)*
    I love that you have this collection in your closet and that it helps you during your workout. Those authors and artists have put blood, sweat and tears into their work. You appreciate and enjoy it. I think that is all that matters;).

  4. What a great giveaway! I love yaoi.

  5. What a cool secret. I love it. I plowed through comics in junior and senior high school. I still love them, but have little time.

  6. Interesting secret. I don’t think that I even knew these existed. Lol.
    I am not a fan of comics or manga. I just cannot get into them.
    When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the movie Cry Baby. As in wore out the tape. My sisters and I would watch it at least once a day and would be able to recite the whole thing. 😉
    Thank you for sharing, Viki.

  7. Can I say I’ve never read yaoi or manga!

  8. My secret would be that I am the keeper of secrets. Everyone tells me everything. I don’t tell.

  9. Being a keeper of secrets Mary is a talent!

  10. I find it very hard to keep secrets, it’s best I don’t know!

  11. I hear you Carol. That’s why I don’t have many secrets! I have one of those mouths where I put my foot into it on occasion!

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