The Very Careful Dinner Date

NightmareInkEven though I have some concerns about inviting Isa and Murmur from NIGHTMARE INK to dinner, I would. But I’m not at all sure we’d eat inside the boat. The two of them in combination contain waaaay too much unpredictable power to have them contained inside something that would sink if they got into a battle over who got to control Isa’s body when.

See, Murmur is a demon. Sort of. Who got stuffed into Isa’s psyche in a bid for his freedom. Not that it worked out the way he’d planned. Isa isn’t the cream puff anyone had pegged her to be. So she’s not giving up her autonomy or her soul with a fight. It’s just a fight that has the potential to lay waste to an entire city block.

So why invite that kind of conflict and power into your home? Isa’s got an artist’s eye and a practical head on her shoulders. She loves animals, which means my cats would be right at home with her – once they got past the demon tattooed on her skin and soul. She’s lonely and sometimes awkward. Things I suspect we all know a little bit about. Underneath all of it is a dry sense of humor and a kind heart. What’s not to like?

Murmur, though, he’s harder to pin down. Maybe it’s because I like watching him experience this world through Isa. You never know how he’s going to react to some new sensory input. Not to mention that while it’s clear he’s willing to be an amoral mass murderer, something has happened to him that forced him to develop a sense of compassion. It’s clear he hates having it. But he does. Watching him vacillate between what’s expedient and what’s right is awfully interesting.

Still. This ends up putting a lot of pressure on supper. I doubt I’d go fancy, simply because Isa prefers simple food.

I’d grill up some fresh king salmon with butter and garlic while we sat on the dock in the sun. There’d be home made guacamole and chips, of course, because tomatoes are in season, finally. Corn on the cob because that’s also finally coming into season for us and corn is sacred in Isa’s tradition. Salad. Wine. Oh. Maybe not wine. Anything that blunts Isa’s will gives Murmur a chance to take control of her. That rarely goes well. So, yeah. Soda seems fine. Maybe tea.

Blueberries and cream for dessert, because the blueberry crop this year has been amazing. Beyond that, I’d probably steer clear of quizzing them about what would happen to the world if Murmur succeeds in taking over Isa. I suspect I wouldn’t sleep any easier knowing that answer.

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