You Wouldn’t Like Me If You Didn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

The Hulk. Maybe it’s some latent Beauty and the Beast kind of thing that appeals to me. Or more likely the psychological impact of a the Jekyll and Hyde notion that the ravening animal never lurks far beneath the veneer of civilization. I’ve followed the Hulk through comic books, TV shows – no, I won’t admit to how many iterations, and movies. Some of the movies sucked. Watched ’em anyway.

the-avengers-bruce-banner-the-hulk-by-rainbowplays1I love the cerebral scientist hero, struggling to contain or at least control the violent, raging monster lurking within. Yummy conflict. And I admit to having great fondness for the latest movie version. Mark Ruffalo’s  Bruce Banner/Hulk is,  in my opinion, spot on, even if the movie gave us huge, gaping holes in the Hulk’s story. No. Seriously. Watch The Avengers again. First part of the movie, the Hulk IS this big, raging monster with zero control, zero awareness, just murderous fury bent on taking out Black Widow (my other fav). She escapes, he falls into some part of NYC and gets knocked cold. He morphs back into Bruce Banner, has a conversation with a random dude. And then the next time we see him, Bruce Banner has control of changing into the Hulk and the Hulk suddenly (and inexplicably) has control of his actions – he can and does direct his mayhem appropriately. Also. Somehow, the Hulk acquired a nice vocabulary. How many raging beasts do you know who can pull the word ‘puny’ out of thin air? (When he takes out Loki and walks away saying, “Puny god.”)

I suspect the scene(s) hinting at Banner winning some control over his transformation and his monster ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s too bad. Those are the scenes – the struggle between man and monster – that are most compelling. They’re what keep me coming back to the Hulk.

I leave you with a song by one of my favorite bands: Imagine Dragons. Could it be they’re Hulk fans, too? Or just familiar with the struggle?

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