Truth or Lie?

DSCN0652The theme for the next two weeks is Truth Or Lie? I’m going to give you two truths about me and one lie. Then you’ll need to guess which is the lie. I travel extensively and had many unique experiences along the way. Here are three experiences I’ll never forget, but one is a bald lie, and maybe in a way, a wish that maybe someday it will come true!

Here it goes:

Truth One: I traveled to Egypt and climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid. Once at the top, there is a room where I participated in a meditation and laid inside of a stone ‘coffin’.

Truth Two: During 9/11, I was out of the country visiting Fatima in Portugal. One of the women ran out of the church shaken up because she envisioned tall building falling down around her. Afterwards, we we found out what had happened in the United States.

Truth Three: I danced and drummed around henge stones in England with a modern Wiccan group during the full moon.

So which do you think is a lie?

Viki Lyn

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  1. Hmmmm…. I wonder if this is a trick question. I don’t think they allow people at the top of the Pyramid, but I know some people have snuck up there. But, I’m going with Fatima as the lie.. ^..^

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