Searching For the Truth

Our theme for this week involves a bit of sleuthing on your part. Or guessing. Whichever you prefer. I will tell you three things. Two of them will be true. One will not. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out which of the three is the bald-faced lie and call me on it in the comments. First, a truth for free: I may have procrastinated this post because I have no earthly clue what to tell you. But here we go anyway.

You know I went to acting school. Here are three facts regarding what happened after graduation. Two true. One not. Which is which?

1. I’ve made twice as much money singing professionally as I ever did acting.

2. I appeared in Sleepless in Seattle, an episode of Northern Exposure, and some commercials for places that aren’t even in business any more.

3. I moved to LA for a brief bit to audition for pilot season – TV shows that get made but possibly neverthreeatonce released – it didn’t go well.

There you go. What? You thought I’d make this about cats? šŸ˜€ Okay here. Your gratuitous cat photo of the day. Ā 

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  1. I’m going to guess the lie is #1 – because I’m also an artist as well as a writer, and I about make the same income for both ventures! The arts isn’t the place to get rich! šŸ™‚

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