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Things I am Terrified Of!

Hello everyone! So there are a few things I am terrified of, and no I am not talking about the things that go bump in the night. Oh no, give me a vampire or werewolf any day. I admit ghosts scare me but nothing, and I repeat nothing scares me more than a dentist!

Yeah you read that right. Big badass Sayde Grace is scared of the dentist! Insane right. Today I bring this up because its a character trait which is real and when I read about a character having this fear in a book I totally relate to that character.

As a reader I always love little touches of reality that connect me to a character. As a. Writer I try to put those touches into my books. My question to you is what can you relate to about the most recent book you’ve read? Comment to enter to win your choice of my digital books.

Sayde Grace

To Assume Makes An Ass out of You and Me

Hello everyone! Okay, so we have all heard the smart saying that to assume something you will end up making an ass out of not only yourself but someone else too. Well, I did this. And I mean big time!

It’s no secret to those who know me, I love playing on the computer. I wish I had gone into website design or some similar field. I enjoy designing websites and on another blog I’m on I designed the layout and header. While I was searching for pictures to use on IStock and similar photo sites I decided to branch out. I ran across a website of a lady claiming to be a photographer. She had a ton of wonderful pictures and claimed to just want to share them with the world and anyone to use.

I jumped, assuming that I would be okay using a picture from her website. Well folks lets just say I totally screwed up. As an epublished author who has had all five of my books pirated I cannot believe how stupid I was. The website I got the picture from was a fraud. Some lady had stolen a bunch of work, including the work I used as a header. Now I have pirated a picture from an artist who worked very hard to take it. I feel so bad, and not only because I was stupid and wrong, but now the other authors I am on this other blog with are having to pay for my mistake. This artist is seriously pissed and pursuing legal action! I am so upset.

But this is a lesson I learned the hard way and am sharing this with you all so you will not have to learn the hard way.  In short, unless you have writing in hand that says you may use a picture or a receipt from the artist giving you the picture rights, do not use a picture from the internet. Make sure you have all the documentation you need, don’t ASSUME you are okay because it was from a website that stated you could use the picture. Remember, ASSUMING something makes an ass out of yourself and eventually others!!


To Megan Oteri, I am sincerely sorry for using an image that was stolen from you and therefore stealing it again! I wish you the best in your artistic career as well as your writing career.


Thanks everyone and for our readers near and around Tropical Storm Debby, me included, BE SAFE!!!

Sayde Grace

QNot Just Another BBQ Day


While I would love to discuss my new paranormal book I started last night and am looking forward to writing I have to stop here. Today is not just another day to talk about the kick ass heroine I have or the super smoking hot hero. Nope, today is not about me.

I’m not in the military, never have been, but I have a deep and great respect for those who served our country and their families. Today is not just another day to hang out with the family and BBQ, though it is a great day to spend time with the family. While you are all gathered around celebrating a day off please take the time to say thank you for all the people who serve our country to ensure our freedom. I personally thank God for each and every member of this country who is brave enough to step up and sign up for a duty they do no have to sign up for. Remember military service is not required, no one is forced to sign up these days so the men and women who are now serving our country risk their lives everyday for us because they are brave and generous. Thank you for that and thank the families of these men and women. I don’t know what it is like to have a family member in the military, but please know you have my full respect. Thank you all.


Sayde Grace

The Young Adult Move

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Im here and ready for the summer to start. I can’t wait to finish up at least two of my current works in progress. This week my school is doing the end of the year Scholastic BOGO event. I love this book fair. In the gym lobby we set up the middle school age book fair. In between classes I’ve been studying the books we have for young adult. What im seeing is a shift from vampires and werewolves to science fiction and post apocalyptic books. While I love vampires and weres I am so thrilled about the shift. I LOVE science fiction and admit the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy had me up all night reading it.

I have so many ideas for young adult science fiction and post apocalyptic stuff that now my summer to be written list is growing fuller and fuller. Yayyyyy!!

So what are you’re summer plans and what do you predict for the next shift in young adult?

Spring Break is Over

Ok, so maybe spring break being over isn’t the worst thing that has ever happened but its really close. I really enjoyed my week off even though my husband viewed my time off as a time to clean the barn, yard, and house. I on the hand did not view that time as work days. I actually thought I might get some time in writing.

I was WRONG! I wrote 3k on one project and 1500 on new one. I made the mistake of reading a Harlequin romance  about a Sheik. Let me just stop right here and admit I have always wanted to write Sheik story. Yes, Rebecca is rolling her eyes and probably writing a very nasty email to me that in short says, “FINISH RENO!!” But you see I was inspired by spring break and that story. what has inspired you lately? Have you been out planting flowers, getting ready for Easter or shopping for summer clothes?

I will let y’all know something I did that im still really excited about, I might have drank a glass of wine or two and then slid down my kids bday party blow up slide. It was FUN! Everyone should let loose once and awhile.



Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about branding, and no not the hot poker to flesh kind of branding. I am talking about author branding. I had never but much into author branding until this weekend. I’ve always wrote what struck me and marketed it. Now however, I’m wondering if I should stick with one genre and stay there. Most of you know that I write mainly contemporary western romance and erotic romance. I was told that if I ventured into the romantic suspense that I needed to leave behind my erotic romance. I have missed feelings about this. I am writing a romantic suspense trilogy and really want to publish it. Yet I’m not ready to say goodbye to the genre that I started in. As a reader how do you feel about author branding. If you are reading one author and that author stays in the same setting(cowboys) but moves her story base from erotic to suspense is this a problem for you? As a writer how do you feel about author branding?

thanks everyone

Sayde Grace

Quick Post About “Read an EBook Week”

Hello everyone! I’m soooo sorry to be cutting in on a day that isn’t mine but I wanted all of you to know this week is “Read an EBook Week”. Some of the wonderful epublishers are celebrating by offering the first book in a series for FREE.

Head on over to:

For a limited time you can download my first book in my series, Riding Double. Not only are they offfering those titles for free but they are running all titles at 10% off. This week only you can get all three of my titles in my series for less than $4.50 !! Come celebrate “Read an EBook Week”

Here is the link to go straight to my titles and the following is a link for a list of participating publishers!


I’m Back….

So where have I been??? Hell I don’t even know that. The last few months have been a haze for me. I got the new job, started coaching a basketball team(poor kids), and got a new puppy. The job is cool, tiring, but thats okay. The basketball team has won one and lost one, my daughter cries alot and tells me I’m mean but the other kids seem to think I rock. Go figure!! And the new puppy, well, he freaking hates me! I’m sure Rebecca Zanetti is crying she’s laughing so hard at that news. You see around my house, male dogs have a terrible life expectancy. No, I don’t intentionally harm them but somehow every male dog we’ve ever had had come to some unfortunate death. I swear to you I am not doing it! Nature just hates male dogs at my house. So this puppy is a great dane and eight weeks old. We’ve had him for about two weeks and so far nothing has gone wrong.

On a different note, I have had a new release. Rawhide Angel is not a paranormal but it’s hot and sexy! I love the two main characters in this book. I’ve been writing a little here and there, nothing to brag about but I’m excited over a story I’ve found. I started writing this really out there female Dom story about two years ago. I got to around 20k words and just stopped. I started reading it about three weeks ago and really want to finish this. Rebecca says my attention span is nill but hey, thats what makes me so unique!!

Hope you all are having a great start to 2012!!


Uh oh

Okay so being over half the day late on posting isn’t ideal but here I am.  I stopped doing new years resolutions a long time ago so I can’t say whether I met any new goals this year or not but I’ve had a good year. For me the year was filled with new friends, new books, contracts, and a new job. Also my baby started pre-k at the elementary school where I ended up working at. Now both of my children are in school and it finally hit me, I don’t have babies anymore. I mean, yeah they’re still small, 6 and 4, but not infants. And ya know, that’s just fine. I’m so proud of their accomplishments this year too.

Looking back over my year, I’ve gotta say, I’m finally an adult. I turned thirty in July and while that didn’t bother me or anything I did find myself watching one of the Twilight movies and thinking, “Wow, Bella’s dad would be hot without that weird mustache.” It hit me then that I’d gone from checking out the young guys on the screen to checking out the middle aged guys. That was my “holy crap I’m getting old moment”.

Other things that happened, I joined this blog. I probably haven’t said it, but I’m really thrilled to be part of the blog and am working very hard to get my calender set so I don’t miss my blog dates. For some reason it boggles my mind to set events on my droid. I need that iphone woman to tell me what to do!

So as we celebrate a new year what was a pivotal moment in the past year for you? I swear I haven’t gotten over the Twilight moment and may never.
Thnks everyone

My Mind Is Stuck in Science Fiction

First let me just say I sure hope today is my day to post. I’ve been a little out there lately and can’t seem to keep up with time. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m spacey anyway or maybe it’s the new book I’m writing. You see, for years I’ve writtten just about everything from young adult (yeah my young adults were way too advanced 🙂 )  to suspense. While I’ve loved writing in several genres there are two that I have no ventured into. One, historicals. Maybe it’s that I’m a tad lazy or that I would rather read them then write them, but I just can’t write historical romances. Two, science fiction. All right, I fully admit without any shame that I will stay up until one in the morning to watch Star Trek. I love this genre.

I’ve always yearned to write a science fiction story, but until a few nights ago I didn’t think I could. I’m still on the fence on whether I actually can or not. I get concerned that my wording isn’t syfyish enough. I mean, how human/earth should my characters talk and think? I don’t know!!!

But so far I am liking my GS 1 males and human pilot. I think my pilot, Melinda is going to keep those ultimate male GS 1’s in line. Maybe. Right now they are about to find themselves in a black hole traveling through space. Ok, so here is when I start to panic. What does this feel like, look like, and sound like? What exactly should be happening while in a black hole?

Maybe my imagination isn’t big enough for this afterall? Or maybe I need to read more 🙂 yeah I like that section option much better. Time to grab Marcella’s second book and read up on my new genre 🙂


Happy Monday Folks!!


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