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Hot Guy, Hot Car

This time around we’re talking about the best love scene we’ve ever read and why it worked.

The only one that instantly comes to mind for me was from one of my favorite Kresley Cole books, Dark Desires After Dusk. I don’t want to get into the whole story because if you haven’t read it, you MUST, but needless to say the hero is doing a bad thing by leading our unwitting heroine to her doom. Oh I love Holly and Cadeon. They’re my favorite characters, I think. Probably because Holly starts out as this shy, repressed person who turns into this kick ass heroine with one of the sexiest bad boys in the Lore.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all excited. I just love this book. Anyway, to set the scene, Cade is bringing Holly to a bad man in order to regain his brother’s lost kingdom. He’s torn because he knows Holly is his mate. Knows it. And she’s destined to become the mother of the bad man’s babies, so he has to keep his mitts off her on their long road trip from New Orleans to Alaska. Hello? He’s sexy as hell and she’s this little vixen of a woman. Can we say impossible situation? Toss in her curiosity about him, sex and her burgeoning powers and we have a volatile, doomed affair.

So here we are to my scene. They’ve been playing with each other, bringing each other pleasure with their hands and mouths, but no full on penetration. And Cade offers to let Holly drive his brothers McLaren.

And driving this beast of a car turns her on. He can tell as the speedometer climbs up and up. She grows aroused, he grows aroused and he tells her to pull over. She does and next thing we know, Holly is perched on the fender of this fine ass car, her pants around her ankles and Cade between her legs.

It’s funny really. I’ve read a lot of books, some with sex scenes so hot I’ve had to fan myself. But the only one I remember is this one because it’s painted in my mind. He’s there, pleasuring her with his mouth and he tells her to play with her nipples, that he’s busy. When she looks down at him kneeling in front of her, it’s to see his hand moving in a tell-tale jerking motion. I can see this scene and it’s sexy as all hell. That he’s so hungry for her, he doesn’t care if cars pass. The restraint he shows when he knows flat-out fucking her will bring him more pleasure than anything is…just mind-blowing. But he wants to bring her pleasure and for a selfish man (as we learn he is through the other books and the start of this one), is sexy as hell.

There are books out there that probably have hotter scenes, but none of them were so memorable I can almost remember the exact wording, the exact sequence of events that led to it. That’s powerful writing and one day, when I grow up, I’ll do the same.

Kresley Cole, if you’re reading this, you’re my hero! I HEART you!

By the way, I’m leaving for Romantic Times Convention 2013 tomorrow. If you’re going, be sure to look for me at Ellora’s Cave’s Disco Inferno party on Wednesday night, the big ebook expo on Thursday, and the FAN-tastic Day Author Event on Saturday from 6:30 to 7:00.

It’s Magic!

The theme for the next two weeks is what makes my genre fun.

I’ve been writing on and off since I was fifteen. Some of those stories were contemporary with not a shapeshifter or vampire or witch in sight, but for the most part, if I were to look back on my work, there was magic at work somewhere. When you introduce that illusive “magic” to a story, the possiblities are endless.

It also helps when you’ve written your way into a corner. You know, the plot has absolutely nowhere to go because you’ve made it nearly impossible to save the day. How do you fix that? Create a spell/ability for your hero/heroine and voila! It’s fixed!

Not that I use that very often. *cough* I try to work things out in a more logical way…but eh. Sometimes a writer’s got to do what a writer’s got to do!

But probably the best part of writing paranormal (and sci-fi which I’m still working on), is that the possibilities are endless. When you write in a genre with rules you make up, you’re only limited by your imagination. And let’s face it, we wouldn’t be writers if we didn’t have an imagination.

I love braingstorming new ways to twist old myths. The succubus who wants to fall in love instead of feeding off of sex. The banshee who can’t cry. A lion shifter who’s also a rock star. A fashoin designer grizzly bear. Okay, so I really like weird angles when I write my paranormal stories, but that’s all part of what makesk them so much fun to write! I don’t like the same old, same old. Just ask my stylist. Every time I go to see her, I tell her “I want to try something different”. I’m the same when when it comes to writing.

How about on the reading end? I love reading fusion stories. You know, historical paranormals, or sci-fi erotica *cough*. Do you like the same? What’s your favorite paranormal race to read about?

I Am The Walking Dead

The theme this time around is all about the zombiepocalypse. Oh sure, you’ve seen the movies, you know what to do. But would you really do it?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’d be as bad as the guys in Shaun of the Dead and head straight for the pub. At least I don’t think I would. But then again, I don’t have a full plan like some people I know. Plans, you say? Yes, plans.

There’s my nephew who has made the decision that when the zombiepocalypse happens, he’s going to his parents’ house, burn all the homes in a quarter-mile around their house and stake out on top of his dad’s shed (it’s roughly the size of a small airplane hangar). Now that’s planning. He has his defensible position picked out, a means to make sure he can see the enemy coming…so sorry about the neighbors though. This is serious business to him.

My brother plans to hang out at either Wal-mart or Sams. I don’t think that’s the best plan of action myself. I mean, isn’t that where everyone’s going to go when the zombies come? They’ll decide at the last-minute that they need to get some milk or something. Not to mention, there are just too many entrances into the building for my comfort. Sure, it has everything you’d need to survive for a good while, but you’ll have to fend off other survivors and the zombies. Not exactly my cup of tea.

Then there’s this belief that if you go out in the middle of nowhere, where there are no people, your chances of being the target of a zombie attack. But you’re also far from all supplies you might need. First aid, food, ammunition, etc. Sure, you could stockpile this stuff, but you will run out. The question is will you outlast the zombies or not? Besides, I seriously doubt a zombie infection would be isolated to humans. You could be out there in the woods surrounded by zombie squirrels, zombie rabbits…zombie mosquitoes! It’s dangerous!


As for me? Well, I already know I’d never survive the zombiepocalypse. It wouldn’t matter how prepared I was. I could go all Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 dangerous and I’d still die. Why? Because I can’t stand being dirty or having dirty hair. It’s an OCD thing with me. It’s also why I don’t go camping. Hair must be washed daily. All the zombies would have to do to make a snack out of me is to wait for me to corner myself in a bathroom (because yeah, I would have to stay somewhere with running water, even if it’s a cistern) and take me out.

Hi, I’m Danica, your zombie hostess. Welcome to the zombiepocalypse. How do you like your brains? Shaken or stirred?

My Moment in Darkness

We’ve already discussed dark heroes and I have to say my fellow Darker Temptations bloggers know their dark heroes. This time around we’re discussing dark heroines.

To be honest, I’m not as into heroines as I am heroes. I wonder why? But there are a few that come to mind when I really sit back to think about it. One would be Samantha Caine/Charly Baltimore from The Long Kiss Goodnight. Yeah, you remember this movie, right? It was back in the 90s when Geena Davis was kick ass. She still is kick ass by the way.

It was kind of like a paranormal. Okay, not really, but you have to admit, you spent the entire movie thinking, “What the fuck is going on?”

But she’s not really a dark heroine because we know she’s going to prevail over her darker, deadlier side. Or maybe that was just the optimist in me.

The other dark heroine that came to mind was one I’d written. It still kind of shocks me when I think about Noelani because she’s completely unlike my other heroines. I tend to write light and funny with some darker moments thrown in for shits and giggles. Yet the minute Noelani appeared in my mind, I knew she was going to be trouble.

Yes, I wrote a darker paranormal called Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous. Let me rephrase that. It’s a darker paranormal than most people are used to reading from me. Noelani is a shadow fairy assassin. Oh, you know it’s going to be bad when the heroine’s an assassin. Kind of like The Long Kiss Goodnight. Except in this case, Noelani or Shade, knows exactly what kind of monster she is.

Tortured for centuries by a former lover, beaten into submission and betrayed by the people who were supposed to care for her, Noelani is dark and tragic. I wanted so badly to redeem her, to give her a happy ending. She didn’t make it easy though. Sure, she had a hero worth defying orders for. Sure, she was infatuated and in love with him, but her mission only had one outcome. Death for her regardless of which way she went.

Kind of sucks, you know? But in the end, it was worth it to bring her into the light. There was a sense of accomplishment on my part, as though I’d managed something awesome. I wrote Lifestyles two years ago, using it as a therapeutic story I never really intended to see published. Looking back on the growth of Noelani from assassin to heroine…I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite stories and she’s one of my favorite heroines.

If you’re a writer, have you used your books as cheap therapy? If you’re a reader, what are some books you’ve read to remind yourself there’s hope and happiness up for grabs?

The Enemy of Old

So I wasn’t sure who to write about when it came to dark heroes. There are so many great ones in movies and books. I thought about blogging about Constantine. You know, Keanu reeves’ character in the movie with the same name? Love it. He’s a dark, dangerous hero who walks a very thin line.

But when I gave it some more thought, there was only one man I could write about is Lothaire. If you’re not a Kresley Cole fan, what in the world is wrong with you? Just kidding. I’m actually not kidding. You should read all of her books.

Anyway, the Immortals After Dark series is one I’ve been enjoying over and over again for years. Each time  new one is announced, I gnaw on my fingernails and wonder who’s this one going to be about? How can she possibly surpass the other books she’s written in the series?

At the beginning of the year, she managed to blow me out of the water. Because Kresley Cole wrote about the one character I was positive she couldn’t make a redeemable hero. Lothaire. The Enemy of Old. Yes. Enemy of OLD. As in he’s been around so long he has enemies from every faction. He’s also a little…batty. Okay, he’s quite possibly very batty. And yet she made him someone I actually liked.

He has an End Game he plans to follow and uses a stubborn, spunky girl possessed by the demon he believes is his Bride to get there. Oh the vampire is horrible to her. Horrible! But oh so sexy at the same time. Is that wrong of me to admit? That I liked how he got her all hot and bothered in one breath and then was like “you’re not really the one I want” in the next? Because it made me hate him and I did love to hate him.

Yet for all of his arrogance and superiority, he’s a seriously screwed up guy. And that’s what makes me like him. He’s skating the edge of evil, but manages to do the right thing in the end, even if it goes against everything he thought he believed in. *sigh*

So that’s my favorite dark hero. Gotta love that vampire! Especially if he looks like this:



In case you didn’t know, here at Darker Temptations, we like our romance with a little bite. In my case, I like it with a lot.

I’m a shifter fanatic. I love reading about them, writing about them and daydreaming about them. I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be able to shift into a big cat. Sorry, I have nothing against wolves, but I’m a cat person through and through.

So when this topic popped up on the calendar, I immediately thought about the heroes I write about and how I’d want our first date to go. You know, if they were interested in a short, curvy, anti-social writer who prefers staying home and watching football and ogling hot men. Uh. You know…whatever.

Okay, obviously we couldn’t go to a football game. As much as I love the game, I wouldn’t want someone to see me acting like a maniac on our first date. It just doesn’t make the right impression. You know, of ladylike poise and language.

We couldn’t go to a heavy metal concert unless he was a fan and wore earplugs. I wouldn’t want the poor guy to go deaf because we were right next to the stage. They have sensitive ears, you know. Besides, sweating and rubbing up against complete strangers isn’t romantic. Well, unless you’re into orgies. *shuts up*

I think the best thing for me to do with my shapeshifter date is to stay home. He can cook for, lest you think I’m capable of cooking. Rub my feet. Feed me bon-bons and laugh at my jokes as we watch horror movies because it’s my remote and I control the television. Later, I’ll brush out his fur while he licks his balls.

It’s a perfect kind of relationship.

Winners and Villains

I know I’m a little late. I have a perfectly good reason for it too. I was flying home from RomantiCon and then had to regale everyone with pictures and stories. Don’t worry, you can learn about what happened at the convention over at my personal blog, Unearthly Musings.

But today isn’t all about me. You want to know if you’ve won anything in the awesome giveaway we’ve held the last couple of weeks. Well, here goes…

Lindsey E has won the swag pack from me.

Junegirl won the prize from Sabrina.

Tina B. won Denise’s prize.

Lyndsay Avalon won Marcella’s goodies.

June M won the prize from Regina.

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Suzlyne won Anya’s goodies.

Urb won Leta and Keira’s gifts.

Teresa won Viki and Jan’s prizes.

Linda Larsson won Tina’s prize.

Congrats, y’all! The bloggers should be contacting you via the email addresses you provided to get information for your prizes. Don’t worry, this isn’t the last giveaway we’ll ever have. I’m pretty sure we’ll be throwing out prizes left and right.

So now for the meat of the post. We already talked winners, but what about sinners? Or rather villains? I love a good villain, the guy who everyone can’t help but hate, yet find strangely compelling at the same time.

I have a couple of villains that just work for me. Riddick from Pitch Black is awesome in my opinion. He’s a bad guy. He knows it. You know it. Everyone knows how kick ass he is. And yet, you can’t help but think how perfect he is for the environment the stranded people find themselves in. He becomes the most unlikely hero because of his villainous past and tendencies. Yes I’m aware he’s more of an anti-hero, but he does it for me. And not just because he’s seriously stacked.

The other villain that always gets my goat is Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. He’s lethal. He’s intelligent. He’s even snarky and amusing at times, but you can never forget he’s downright creepy. There’s a part of me that finds him the scariest character in any movie, probably because he doesn’t seem to move very fast or act in haste. Everything is so well thought out and he leaves no room for mistakes. You just know he could skin you alive in a thrice and not think anything of it.

I’ll never be able to hear the phrase quid pro quo without thinking of him immediately.

Have you seen these two movies? What do you think of these villains?

Welcome Back Giveaway

Hey y’all!

Well, if you’ve been an old subscriber of Darker Temptations, you may notice a few things have changed. First off, we have some brand new authors joining us on the blog. These ladies write it hot and in several different genres from paranormal to fantasy to sci-fi. You definitely need to check them out! Secondly, we have a new look! And to celebrate the Grand Reopening of Darker Temptations, we having two solid weeks of chances to win prizes.

But before we get to that, let me introduce myself to those of you who are just joining us. I’m Danica Avet (pronounced ahvay). I write erotic paranormal romance with a touch of Cajun spice. Hence the name that isn’t pronounced the way it’s spelled. I have five books with Siren Publishing, one and a half books out with Evernight Publishing and two books with Ellora’s Cave.

I’m a football fanatic and no, it isn’t just because the game is rife with fit men in tight pants who slap each other on the ass and get sweaty and dirty and need a good sponge bath after a game. I really watch it for the commercials. Ha! Yeah, okay, I don’t. I enjoy reading (a lot) and writing (of course) and spending time with friends and family. I have a fat cat, an old cat and a needy dog and all of them demand my attention.

I hope you enjoy the changes on Darker Temptations and stick around to learn more about us.

And now for the fun part. I’m giving away a swag pack combo from two series which will include a Primal Song key chain, a Primal Design mini-sewing kit, a set of romance trading cards for Ain’t No Bull and an ebook from my backlist of your choice.

Each blogger will pick a winner, comment each day for a chance to win prizes from each author. Good luck! Winners will be announced on October 15th, so be sure to check back!

Danica Avet Erotic Paranormal Romance with a touch of Cajun Spice. You can get a taste here Amazon, Ellora’s Cave, and All Romance Ebooks.

When It Rains

It pours. But I’m not complaining. Sometimes you need a good downpour to make up for months of drought, right?

Well in this case, it’s a monsoon of good news. For a while, I was in a severe book release drought. Ain’t No Bull, the fourth book in my Veil series, came out in July of 2011. To those who were waiting to read more of my books (of which I have no doubt there were gazillions *snorts*), it must have seemed like I dropped off the face of the earth.

As it was, I just had to go through the publishing wringer. Book rejection after book rejection, losing my agent (through a mutual decision and I adore her for fighting so hard for my book), and a complete loss of creativity kept me low. I’d only written one very short, unsatisfying story last year and it seemed like I’d never get published again.

But then everything changed, as it usually does, in the blink of an eye. The book that was rejected by the major publishing houses was picked up by Evernight Publishing and is doing fantastic. A short story, and my very first written in first person, was picked up by Siren and is coming out in June. Even better, a book I wrote at the beginning of the year was contracted to Ellora’s Cave! I don’t know the release date yet, but at this point, who cares? LOL

So all of this good news means edits and cover art and marketing schemes must take place. Immortal Love came out in April and a short story I wrote for an anthology with Evernight comes out in June. A week before You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms 1). I just found out I’ll be getting edits for Ellora’s Cave in the next couple of weeks. And in the middle of this hurricane of edits and release dates and blog tours, I’m trying to write a second book for Ellora’s Cave and the second in my Three Kingdoms series. And I haven’t even thought about the next book in the Olympus, Inc. series yet.

See what I mean? The downpour makes me feel like I should have flash flood warnings posted around me, but I like the chaos. And it helps that my backside could double as a floatation device. 


I wouldn’t appreciate it as much if I hadn’t gone through the drought. Sure, I’d like a little less oh-my-god-there’s-too-much-to-do, but then it wouldn’t be the publishing industry, would it?

The Busy Week

Is anyone else dragging today? I mean, this time change stuff always kills me. Just when I’m used to it being near dawn when I wake up, we change things around and I’m staring at my windows waiting for the sun. *snort*

I’m looking at a very busy week so that means I absolutely have to find my energy. I’m spending two days training for my day job. It’s the most boring seminars I’ve ever been to, but I have to get recertified every year. Yeah, talk about something to look forward to! I get to sit in a room with a bunch of men talking about DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations and hazardous waste. Yay! Of course, if any of these guys really wanted to know about hazardous waste, they could visit the mechanic’s shop I went to over the weekend and peek in the bathroom. *shudders*

That’s Wednesday and Thursday. I get to sleep at home one night before I get back on the road to head out to Pensacola for the Silken Sand Conference. I’m looking forward to seeing writers I’ve met online and at other conferences, so that’ll be a fun way to end my week. I just wish I didn’t have the training classes first. I have this feeling I’m going to be zombified through the entire conference, but I’m hopeful that I’ll snap out of it the minute I hit Pensacola.

So there you have it. I’ve got a busy week staring me right in the face and I’m operating on barely any sleep. Maybe I can sneak a nap in the middle of class. No one will notice, right?

Oh and because I’m so in love with it, here’s the cover art for my upcoming release, Immortal Love:

It’s so pretty!! And it’ll be coming out sometime in April. Yay!

Happy Monday, folks!

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