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Favorites Through the Years

This shall be a walk through my favorite books, literature or not, through the years. You could probably map out something important about my mind from just reading these books, something rather intimate.

Anne 1987
Oh, Anne, thank you for everything. The best book a girl child made of wonder and imagination could ever read.

Obsessed with this book and series for about three years. Looking back, it’s quite misogynistic, but it otherwise had everything I’d ever wanted in a book.

This book is a mind map, a heart map, a battle between choosing Life and choosing to Live. Not always the same and often exclusive.

The passionate past and all its prejudices, horrors, loves, and losses in a book.

A whole life, an entire existence, everything and more delivered between two covers. Fall into it and live there awhile.

The book that owned me. Might even still own me. There is no book like this book and you’ll either love or hate it. But I loved it. I still love it. It pretty much devours my heart and mind whenever I even think about it. Read it and feel something powerful.

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