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Meanwhile, in the North Pole

In the North Pole, tucked away in a corner of Santa’s village, is a small cottage, distinguished from all the other cottages by the lack of Christmas lights and decorations. One would be forgiven for thinking Scrooge lives there, for how could anyone else resist the lure of the holiday season, with its sparkle and anticipation of good things to come? It’s only on closer inspection, perhaps by sneaking up to a window and peeking in through the almost-drawn curtains, that one would realize the spirit of fun was indeed in full swing within. For this is the home and workshop of Smutty the Dark Elf, who is hard at work creating and testing a variety of toys and gifts for those not-so-good adults on Santa’s list.

Oh, dear. It seems as though Smutty’s already worn out his helpers. There are naked men and women crashed out all over the place, a few of them with…um…personal pleasure devices still in place. There’s a couple who seemed to have been experimenting with a rather intriguing sex-swing built for two. While they’re limp in the straps, the intricate bungee-style cords holding them are still gently bouncing and there must be still some pleasure involved, as both release soft moans with each jiggle of the apparatus. In one corner is a stripper pole, in the other a claw-foot bathtub filled with what are apparently edible bubbles, as the couple within it are slowly licking each other, uninhibited by the suds.

Smutty himself is sitting by the fire, reading. The book on his lap is bound in dark-red leather and stamped with gold lettering and designs. It looks very old, and I’m afraid I can’t decipher the runic writing, but Smutty is smiling, so I think it’s something interesting.

“I need to try this out,” he mutters, glancing up from the page and scanning the room. He makes a little sound of annoyance when he sees none of his helpers are stirring and, setting the book carefully aside, he gets up. Crossing to an intercom on the other side of the room, he presses a button. “Lisel?” he says into the mouthpiece.

“Yes, Smutty?” The female voice is tinny, but even so the anticipation in it is clear.

“I need you.”

Before he can even finish, there’s a flash of silver light, and Lisel appears with a broad smile on her face. “What for?”

It seems that whatever it is, she’s up for it, because as she speaks she’s already taking off her clothes. Smutty laughs, low and deep, then snaps his fingers. Lisel’s clothes disappear in a flash, and she laughs with him, obviously thrilled by the move.

“You read a lot of Ellora’s Cave books, don’t you?” Smutty asks the now-naked woman and her eyes brighten, as she nods emphatically. “Have you read Jaguar in the Sun by Anya Richards?”

“Yes…” she whispers. “It was hot.”

“I thought so too,” Smutty says, his grin widening. “And I wondered about the whole atraspa thing. Did she make it up? Does it exist?”

His voice trails away, and Lisel’s eyes widen. “Did you find out anything about it?”

“Oh, yes.” Smutty points to the book he’d been reading, and Lisel glances over at it. “I found the original book on sex magic. Copies of the manual would make great gifts, if atraspa works…”

Lisel doesn’t seem to have a chance to answer, as she suddenly shudders, her nipples visibly tightening, a rush of pink racing over her torso and up into her face. Seems as though Smutty’s trying his hand at atraspa. Staggering backward, Lisel flops into a chair with a little moan. “Crap, that’s good.”

“Yeah,” Smutty answers, but he sounds pretty breathless too, and his face is red. It’s obvious Smutty’s finding the experiment in atraspa highly enjoyable too. Maybe he didn’t read far enough into the book to realize there’s a lot of practice needed to really master the art. While Lisel is writhing in her chair, Smutty’s legs are beginning to wobble and a wet spot is spreading over his silk, red-and-green striped pants. And WOW! For such a slim, slight guy, it’s clear the dark elf is really well endowed, if that yule log visible through the silk is anything to go by.

“Fuck!” Lisel spreads her legs wide and her hips jerk in the unmistakable motions of someone getting it good. “More! Harder! Oooo…No! Not my…!”

She screams, her back arching, hips rising off the seat, just as Smutty drops to the ground, shouting and coming, drenching his pants.

For long minutes the only sounds are the rasp of their breathing and murmurs of interest from the other assistants around the room. Smutty lies on his back, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his cock still clearly erect.

“Damn,” he mutters. “That was incredible.” Sitting up, he looks around and claps his hands. “Okay everyone, start transcribing that manuscript into all languages and get the books into production. Every dirty adult gets one in their stocking, along with a copy of Jaguar in the Sun.”

“Um, Smutty,” says one of the assistants, as he disentangles himself from his last partner, who’s in the process of pulling a candy-cane striped penis pump off his cock. “Don’t you think we should try that atraspa stuff out for ourselves before you send it out into the world?”

“Are you nuts?” Smutty glares around the room, making eye-contact with all the other elves. “We have less than ten days to get this all together before Christmas. If you all start doing it to each other, we may as well lock the shop up from now, since there’ll be nothing else done.” Then he grins and, changing into clean pants with a snap of his fingers, reminds them, “But we’ll have Boxing Day—and the rest of the year—to experiment.”

With a loud, “Hurrah!” the elves spring into action, and I slip away to hurry home and hang my stocking, hoping to find something naughty from Smutty and his elves in it on Christmas morning…


Book four in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Cassandra Solinar has a bucket list and jaguar god Xbal Montegro is on it. About to undergo an essential rite she won’t survive, she wants to wring every ounce of pleasure out of the time left. Including discovering if Xbal’s sex magic technique is as good as rumored.

It’s no hardship for Xbal to accept Cassandra’s invitation for one erotic encounter, but far more difficult to let her go once he gets a taste of the explosive passion between them. Now he’s determined to hold on to her, no matter what.

Cassie can’t tell Xbal the truth about what she’s about to do. It’s illegal, but without her death the entire world will perish. It’s a job she’s been preparing for from birth, but the loss will be greater now. For in Xbal she finds a soul-deep connection she doesn’t want to lose, and the one thing she made a point of not putting on her bucket list—love.


Journeys Through Seduction

Anya Richards/Anya Delvay books available from Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

Contest!! plus…If You Could Live In Another Time…

If you could live in another time, what time would you like to live in? That’s the topic at Darker Temptations over the past couple of weeks and a question for me to ponder…

But first….Contest! Contest! See below for details on getting a chance to win a free pdf copy of Resistance – Outlaw Lovers!


Call me crazy but I would be interested in living sometime in the future, specifically during the times of my Outlaw Lovers series…about  seven plus years from now it would be a post-catastrophic time where most of the women have died from various illnesses and there are tons of men available.

Here’s a peek at how life would be like:

A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population and forced the creation of the Claiming Law. Groups of males have the right to claim a female as property…sexual property. With the Terrorist Wars over, the Outlaw brothers come home to declare ownership of their women…

I would be part of the “Resistance”. A ragtag group of people who are willing to fight to reinstate a democratic government and get rid of the newly formed dictatorship as well as the Claiming Law. I’d have my pick of hunky guys who believe in a woman picking her own man (or men) for her mates. And I would try like hell to avoid getting caught by the groups of men roving around looking to claim wives.

How about you? Do you have a wish to live in another time?

So, my contest question is…

For a chance at a free pdf ebook copy of “Resistance” send me an email with the first names of the three main characters (one female and two males) in the futuristic erotic romance “Resistance” part of my Outlaw Lovers series at Ellora’s Cave. 

Your answer can be found here:

A winner will be picked sometime over this weekend and their name will be posted here and I will contact them as well.

Contest deadline – midnight tonight – Friday September 27, 2013 E.T.

Good luck! Woot!

Books can be read in this series order (ebook formats)…1. Jude Outlaw   2. The Claiming  3. Colter’s Revenge  4. Tyler’s Woman  5. Resistance…..and in paperback format 1. Jude and Luke (contains Jude Outlaw & The Claiming) 2. Colter’s Revenge 3. Tyler’s Woman – no paperback version of Resistance available yet.

Also an update: Look for Toygasm , Attracted to Him and Attracted to Her releasing soon from Ellora’s Cave. Details can be found here:


And releasing soon – Marley’s Menage – Book 2 The Key Club from Spunky Girl Publishing –

MarleysMenage2500x1563 (4)

Happy Reading,

Jan Springer


Favorite Love Scene

I’m in the business of reading and writing tons of love scenes and one of the favorite ones I’ve ever come across would have to be the first love scene between Teyla and Logan in The Pleasure Girl – Book 1 of my Desperadoes series (Siren Bookstrand).

Teyla is a pleasure girl in a post-catastrophic world where electricity has been knocked out and the world’s climate has gotten colder. In order to survive women do things they’d never ordinarily do. Logan has come to Teyla’s secluded farmhouse looking for a warm bed and a sexy lover for himself and two of his friends. He plans on being with her alone for one night before his friends arrive.

Here’s a snippet of a prelude to a love scene that some readers have told me they loved because it was unique because of the hero’s request of wanting to be shaved…down there. LOL

jsp-td-pleasuregirl3 (1)


“Do you have a special man in your life?” The question erupted from the bathroom, rocking her world.

“Excuse me?” she called out, wondering exactly what he meant by that question.

“A boyfriend? Husband? Someone you’re dating?”


“Good. I prefer a woman who is available.”

Teyla blinked in astonishment. Odd comment coming from a guy who wanted to share her with two other guys. Three guys and her? Oh, lord, she’d better not think about it.

“Do you do this often?” she blurted, instantly regretting asking the question, realizing it was none of her business. But it was the first thing that popped into her mind, and when she was nervous, she did have the tendency to say stupid things.

He appeared at the doorway, shaving utensils and a couple of facecloths laid out on a folded towel in his hand. That damned bottle and two glasses clutched in his other hand.

He was smiling at her. That hot, sexy shadow made him look both dangerous and erotic at the same time. He wore that same crooked smile as when he’d caught her watching him at the window earlier. The smile made the sides of his eyes crinkle, and she noticed tiny laugh lines at the corners of his mouth also. The knowledge that he appeared to be used to laughing made her feel so much better. Safer, too.

“Why do you ask?” he asked. “Are you jealous already?”

His sense of humor was a definite asset.

“Maybe,” she teased, feeling some of the tension ease out of her shoulders.

He strolled to her dresser with the mirror and placed the glasses and the bottle, which she noted as whiskey, and the utensils and towel down beside her pitcher.

“Before we begin, I want you to shave me,” he said softly as he prepared the items, laying them out on the dresser.

When he finished, he looked at her, and his intense gaze made her catch her breath. She didn’t want him to lose that erotic-looking five o’clock shadow. It made him look so sexy and dangerous. The look excited her. But he was paying her. If he wanted a shave, so be it.

She made a move to stand, but he ordered her to remain sitting as he whipped up the lather. When it was a frothy cream, he turned to her, and to her surprise, his hand fell to the stud on his jeans.

Nervousness fluttered through her again. Gosh, she thought she would have a few minutes more before they had sex. Or did he want her to shave him while they were having sex? Lordy, now that would be interesting.

“I…I thought you wanted a shave?”

Her eyes latched onto his fingers as he unzipped.

“I do.”

She swallowed as he lowered his jeans. His package pressed boldly against his white briefs. Definitely big. Very big. Oh boy. Oh boy. Dr. Liz, girl, what have you gotten me into?

“I want you to shave me down here,” he said and stroked the outline of his big erection.

Her eyes widened at his words.

Down there? Oh my God.

“I’ll pass you the items. I want you to just sit right where you are.” His voice had gone deeper, hoarser. His eyes darker. They glistened with fire. His body scent, strong and dominant, whispered along her nerve endings, making her very aware of her sexuality. Very aware of him.

“Pull down my underwear. So we can get started.”

Both their breaths shot through the silent air like rockets, and her fingers trembled as she did as he asked. His flesh felt scorching hot to her touch as she slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of his briefs. Tugging, she inhaled sharply as…

Here’s a bit more as the scene continues a couple of paragraphs later…

Anxiety almost overwhelmed her as she began to shave him, and she found herself scrambling for something to say. But what did one say while shaving a man in such an intimate area on his body?

“Have you done this before?” he asked, his voice sounding strangled, as if he were maybe afraid? Well, maybe he should have asked before she’d gotten started.

“It’s a little late to be asking that question, isn’t it?” She couldn’t help but laugh.

“I hope not,” he retorted, amusement lacing his voice. There was that humor again. She smiled and lifted her gaze from his magnificent size to peer up at his face. She shouldn’t have looked up because his eyes were so dark with desire she could barely stand the spear of need bursting inside her lower belly.

The tips of his luscious lips tilted upward again and his smile zeroed in on her like a heat-seeking missile. Suddenly she just wanted to be swept away into his strong arms. To be held. To be taken by him.

Oh, boy. He was a client, for God’s sake! Becoming emotionally involved, even thinking emotional things was taboo! Men looked at her like an object. Nothing more. She shouldn’t want to have Logan holding her and making love to her. This is just sex, remember that, Teyla.

She continued with the shave, going slowly and carefully and keeping her mouth shut. Thankfully, he said no more, and when she finished, she wiped him with the wet face cloth he handed her. A couple of rinses later, he was as clean as a newborn.  

“I assume you wish to supply the condoms?” he asked after he returned the shaving items to the nearby dresser. She nodded and pointed to the night table beside the bed.

“In there. Pick your size.” He slid the drawer open and skimmed the several boxes with his fingertips. Obviously, he knew the drill with pleasure girls. Most preferred to supply the condoms. She was one of them.

Condoms were expensive, just like everything else these days, but well worth the expense to ensure her condoms were fresh and hadn’t been tampered with or inadvertently damaged. Men tended to keep them folded in wallets or in areas where tiny holes were inadvertently poked into the protection. The last thing she needed was a sexually transmitted disease or a baby without a dad.

He lifted out a box of condoms, opened it, but didn’t take any out.

“Before we begin, let’s get a little more acquainted. You’ve touched me and seen some of me. Now it’s my turn. Let your breasts free.”

To her surprise, she creamed at his instruction. She liked the expectant look on his face, and for some odd reason, he didn’t make her feel like she was dirty as most of her clients did. He didn’t make her feel like an object. He just made her feel kind of sexy and shy.

Her fingers trembled as she reached for the small, delicate buttons on the negligee. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he watched…

I hoped you enjoyed the excerpts to the prelude to one of my favorite love scenes.

More info on The Pleasure Girl .

Happy Reading!


Cinderella vs Sinderella

Sinderella is my favorite fairy tale! Ooops perhaps I should have said Cinderella?

Yes, *Jan eagerly nodding her head* when I was younger, it was Cinderella.

As a child I loved reading fairytales  Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and so many more. It was awesome to wrap my mind around those awesome fantasy worlds. When I was a wee kid, one night my dad dragged me out of bed and sat me down on the living room couch, tossed a blanket over me, turned on the black and white tv (we didn’t get color until the early 80’s) and he said, “Watch this one. You will like it.”

He was right. LOL. OMG! I loved it! It was the 1965 musical/fantasy/romance version “Cinderella” starring actors Leslie Ann Warren and Stuart Damon.

cinderella_1965 version

cinderella 1964

Music/songs are by Rodgers and Hammerstein. I sing the songs from that movie to this very day while I am hiking in the woods. So when you come across a strange lady in the wilderness singing “It’s Possible” –  (check out those glass slippers!),  “Ten Minutes Ago” – , or “Do I Love you because you are Beautiful?” or many others…chances are it is me singing!

Soap opera fans of General Hospital will also be thrilled to see that Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermine) plays Prince Charming. He’s so cute! As you can see by reviews on the site the movie is well worth the purchase if you love a sweet romance and fairy tales.

As I got older, I wrote Sinderella, my own Cinderella version – an adult erotic romance. I love this cover!!

9781419905049 (2)

Here’s a peek:

By day she’s a dedicated gynecologist. By night Dr. Ella Cinder escapes reality by secretly performing in her own erotic, adult version of Cinderella, aptly re-titled Sinderella.

When sexy colleague Dr. Roarke Stephenson shows up in the Sinderella audience on the same night her Prince Charming stands her up, Ella seizes the opportunity to make Roarke into her Prince Charming for one carnal night of hot, blazing front of an audience.

But at the strike of midnight, Ella knows she must face the harsh reality that Roarke must never learn her secret life and they can never be together again. Until then, she plans on making sure he’ll never forget their night of carnal play.

Dr. Roarke Stephenson is immediately captured by the lusciously curvy actress who hides behind a mask and is known only as Sinderella. For some insane reason she reminds him of his klutzy co-worker Ella. But that’s not possible. Ella would never have the nerve to do the wickedly delicious things Sinderella does to him…or would she?

More info on Sinderella –  Or at other online retailers.

Thanks for dropping by and for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

Hugs and Happy Fairytales!


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