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Not Enough Time–Too much Net!

Oh, internet, how I lurvs thee…so much so that I spend far too much time with you, stalking your nooks and crannies, always amazed by your eccentricity, shock value and tendency to over-share.

As a history nut, one of the first time-sucks for me is research. I love learning new things, and the weirder, more surprising or unexpected the better. So when I go online supposedly to verify one fact, I might be at it for hours, following link after link, sometimes to the point where I forget what I was supposed to be looking up to begin with. Oh noes! I have to go back in again. D’oh!! J

Even when I’m not working I’m usually thinking about my writing, but I like to have something to do with my hands while I’m at it. Which leads to mindless gaming…shooting stuff, matching stuff, that kind of thing. You know what I mean…those free game sites where you have to sift through all the dreck to find something relatively good. And then, when you do, you end up playing it almost constantly for the next two weeks, like an uncontrollable teenager who’s discovered porn for the first time… Oh, is that only me??? Sorry…

But honestly my weakness is “news”. Note the quotation marks. I usually start out on my favorite international news site, catching up on what’s happening around the world, but I have to admit after a fairly short time serious news is replaced with silly/shocking/interesting/cute videos. I’m particularly drawn to animal videos, road rage videos, people doing awesomeness of all kinds and anything with military, kilts and bagpipes (I had to watch this again, twice, just writing this), or better yet, bagpipes with fire! Oh, and cops, particularly when mixed with reggae. I wanted to move to Denmark after watching that one! Usually once I start watching videos I move on to music…and the day goes pretty damn fast after that.

See? I started this piece hours ago and, having watched a bunch of Military Tattoo, talent show auditions and using-the-dog-to-propose videos, am only just finishing it.


Have a great day, on the internet and off!

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