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Bullet-proof Kink – Yaoi

My Yaoi bookshelf hidden away in my closet!

My Yaoi bookshelf hidden away in my closet!

I’m not that kinky and I don’t write it, so I struggled to come up with a post about my bullet-proof kink. I had to ask myself what I have hidden away that I don’t let my relatives or grandchildren to see? What’s in my closet? Over 300 volumes of Japanese yaoi – all heat levels, some more porn than story.

Yaoi is Japanese boy’s love comics written by women for women.

Usually a seme and uke form the couple – seme is the top and uke, well you guessed it, is the bottom. There are mangaka (Japanese comic illustrators and writers) that draw very explicit and steamy sex scenes, genitals and all. They are realistic and the men don’t look like ‘Ken’ dolls when naked. Some fan favorite mangakas for erotic yaoi are Youka Nitta, Yuki Shimizu, Ayano Yamane, Megumu Minami, Kazuma Kodaka. Ayano Yamane and Megumu Minami use all sorts of sex toys and the ukes many times will find themselves tied up and in a, uh, uncompromising situation.

Be warned. Japanese sensibilities are very different from the American mind-set. Some of it will offend. Anything and everything is fair game in yaoi so you need to sort through and find what works for you.Starting with a KissI go for the ‘best friends fall in love’ and the ‘business men’ theme where the seme is handsome, wealthy, arrogant and falls hard for the equally attractive, but  hard as nails, uke. I don’t like the uke to look like a boy but I don’t mind an older feminine looking uke, either.

When I want to have a little porn in my life,  or a little sweet romance, I get out my favorite dog-eared manga and I’m a happy fangirl.

Happy Reading!

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