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Hi, my name is Tina and I am a bookaholic.

Indeed, my biggest time suck are books. My TBR piles are taller than I am. But those aren’t my only problem.

I re-read! Indeed, I am one of those people who re-reads a book she has enjoyed. Over and over and over again. And I will read it cover to cover, not just the good parts.

The other week I was lucky enough to receive a proof copy of Battle Magic, a book by well-known and fabulous YA author Tamora Pierce. I gulped it down and then checked my book shelf for other books set in that world. I promptly re-read one and then ordered eight more books I read years ago, but didn’t own. They were quick reads, but they still kept me occupied for a whole evening.

Obviously there is no way I can put these books down and write myself. The world would come to an end if I don’t finish this particular book in my hands;).

Another example is Relentless by Lauren Dane. As soon as I finished the book I once again walked straight to my shelf and pulled down the rest of her series.

Once in a while I manage to restrain myself and actually make it to my desk, but it can be a vicious battle.

As an author I need to read books inside and outside of my writing genre. But sometimes I go just a tad overboard…

What about you? Do you have a book series that makes you drop everything or an author who sucks you into their writing and doesn’t let go?

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