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To Assume Makes An Ass out of You and Me

Hello everyone! Okay, so we have all heard the smart saying that to assume something you will end up making an ass out of not only yourself but someone else too. Well, I did this. And I mean big time!

It’s no secret to those who know me, I love playing on the computer. I wish I had gone into website design or some similar field. I enjoy designing websites and on another blog I’m on I designed the layout and header. While I was searching for pictures to use on IStock and similar photo sites I decided to branch out. I ran across a website of a lady claiming to be a photographer. She had a ton of wonderful pictures and claimed to just want to share them with the world and anyone to use.

I jumped, assuming that I would be okay using a picture from her website. Well folks lets just say I totally screwed up. As an epublished author who has had all five of my books pirated I cannot believe how stupid I was. The website I got the picture from was a fraud. Some lady had stolen a bunch of work, including the work I used as a header. Now I have pirated a picture from an artist who worked very hard to take it. I feel so bad, and not only because I was stupid and wrong, but now the other authors I am on this other blog with are having to pay for my mistake. This artist is seriously pissed and pursuing legal action! I am so upset.

But this is a lesson I learned the hard way and am sharing this with you all so you will not have to learn the hard way.  In short, unless you have writing in hand that says you may use a picture or a receipt from the artist giving you the picture rights, do not use a picture from the internet. Make sure you have all the documentation you need, don’t ASSUME you are okay because it was from a website that stated you could use the picture. Remember, ASSUMING something makes an ass out of yourself and eventually others!!


To Megan Oteri, I am sincerely sorry for using an image that was stolen from you and therefore stealing it again! I wish you the best in your artistic career as well as your writing career.


Thanks everyone and for our readers near and around Tropical Storm Debby, me included, BE SAFE!!!

Sayde Grace

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