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I’m Heading to the Big Easy…

Happy February!  I just pulled up my calendar to see where I’ll be when and guess what?  The FF&P conference is in New Orleans at the end of the month.  The conference actually starts on March 2nd, but I’m going a day early to play in the French Quarter.  This conference worked out with my college schedule this year, and I’m so glad I get to go.  I have never been there before.

In fact, I’ll be giving a workshop on “Ten Craft Blunders that may be Holding You Back.”  Sound like fun, right?  Here’s the outline and a handout.

What’s awesome is that the beginning few chapters of Consumed (Dark Protectors Book 4) take place in New Orleans.  So we’ll see how close I came to reality.  Plus, I think copy edits won’t arrive until after I’m home, so I can tweak if necessary.

One night a bunch of us are going on a vampire tour.  I also want to take the cemetery tour while I’m there.  Maybe the vampires will be in the cemeteries.  I’m hoping!

There will be a public book signing at the conference, so if you’re in the area, please drop by.  It’ll be on Sunday, March 4th from 9am until 11am at the New Orleans Marriott.

 And you find as a writer there are certain spots on the planet where you write better than others, and I believe in that. And New Orleans is one of them.  –Jimmy Buffett

My Most Recent Wardrobe Malfunction

I’d like to preface this blog with the fact that I have great taste in shoes.  Terrific.  I know pumps, boots, wedges…you name it, I can even be risky with shoes.

However, not so much with clothing.  If I’m shopping by myself, I often look around to see who else is shopping in the same section I’m in.  If all the ladies appear to be about ninety years old, I go find another section to shop in.

Today we’re having a big CLAIMED signing party at the Gourmet Way with wine, yummies, and giveaways.  So, I thought I’d hit the mall and find something cute to wear.  I found a kinda cool goldish top I thought I’d wear with my black skirt and boots.  Well, last night I put it on and ran down to my husband’s den to get his opinion.  He and our twelve-year-old son were watching football.

I wish I had the words to accurately describe the absolute look of horror on their faces.

Even worse, they were deadly silent.  Neither one of them could speak.  Then, my sweet son said, “Why hello there, Goldmember,” in a perfect imitation of Austin Powers.  I gave this kid life!  Well, my husband laughed so hard I thought he’d lose a kidney.

Keep in mind that the two main men in my life are usually very supportive.  Yet the goldish top was just too much for them.

So, still not convinced, I called my sister and described the top.  She sounded doubtful.  Then she said, “It’s not as bad as the one you brought to New York, is it?”  (That’s a conversation for another day.)  But I said, “Maybe.”

So I took a picture with my phone and sent it to her.  After several moments, she texted back and said, “Well, it wouldn’t be so bad with a long black skirt and boots.”

Those of you who have sisters are groaning right now.  Yeah.  When your sister passes up a chance to give you a hard time, she’s feeling VERY sorry for you. 

So the gold shirt has to go.

If you’re anywhere in the area of Gourmet Way tonight, please stop by and say hi!  (And see what I decided to wear).

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