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Guests Blogger, Kensington Editor Megan Records

Hello everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful Friday. Mine has been so busy that I almost forgot that we have an amazing guest blogger this weekend. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and our blogger, Megan Records!! Thanks so much to her for agreeing to guest blog with us this weekend!

How I Came to Love Paranormal Romance (otherwise known as Yes, I Have Been Wrong Once)

I didn’t read paranormal romance until I came to Kensington 5 years ago. I knew what it was, knew it was out there, but had no interest. I said, “I just don’t get it! Biting and dead guys just aren’t sexy.” Oh, how incredibly glad I am that I no longer believe this.

My very first romances were a pair of Avalon romances from the 70s that my aunt had given me. These are hardcover, sweet romances mostly found in libraries. I read those until I was 17, when I discovered that SOME ROMANCES HAVE SEX IN THEM. I actually found this out by accident while reading Brenda Joyce’s THE THIRD HEIRaESS. I fully admit that I hid that book under my mattress until it had to go back to the library. Then I was hooked.
But I read only contemporary and historical romance. I came across many books that are still on my keeper shelf today: Carly Phillips’ HOT ZONE series, Leanne Banks’ BELLAGIO series, Meg Cabot’s adult romances, anything Lisa Kleypas and Lori Foster had ever written…
Then I landed my job at Kensington. Kate Duffy, my boss at the time, handed me JACOB by Jacquelyn Frank and said. “Trust me, just read it.” I tore through that book, and the manuscripts for the rest of the Nightwalker books, in 4 days. Thus, the beginning of an addiction.

But why? Why, when I was so adamant that all those fangs and hair was rather gross?

Because everything I love about contemporary and historical romances is there, except magnified.

1. Heroes are uber masculine…
They’re not just Alpha male types, they’re actually Alphas. And yknow, superhuman bedroom mojo doesn’t hurt their cause at all.

2. But still vulnerable…
If they lose control of their powers, PEOPLE COULD DIE. That makes for a pretty tortured person.

3. Heroines are just like me…
But also look great in leather and have some special gene that means they never get cellulite.

4. Plots have everything from political intrigue to serial killers to hilarious fish-out-of-water moments.

What more are you looking for, exactly?

5. Sometimes I like to think these creatures/worlds actually exist. Like Santa.

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