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Be Here Now

vintage postcard with classical tuscan viewIf I could live in another time I’d be hard press to come up with one. The past always looks romantic in the movies but the reality of the hardships and inconveniences are not ones I care to live with. I most likely would have been a serf living off the land. And really, I have a black thumb! I’d starve to death.

Egypt during the height of its glory sounds intriguing but again, I doubt I would be running around the palaces and temples, most likely scrubbing the floors.

No, I will stay right here. It’s not perfect, there are many challenges ahead for society and the world, but it’s also an exciting time as well. Technological advances are changing the world as we know it.

I don’t have to step back into time or fly forward into the future.

Like the old saying goes: Be Here Now.

Viki Lyn


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