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In Love and Lust With the Lesser Known Gods (and a #CoverReveal)

This year, I’ve been having a ball writing the Divine Temptation series for Ellora’s Cave. The research has brought me in touch with so many new gods and goddesses that tempt and titillate and don’t always show up in the central mythological stories. Or when they do, they are a line in a chapter somewhere and easy to miss. Of great interest (at least to me), many of these lesser known gods show up in several pantheons–they are mythological connectors among the ancient worlds. The original social media influencers. 🙂 Life really doesn’t change so much–it just gets more expensive. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite; some I used in my stories, some I didn’t.

Juno is the goddess of marriage and queen of the gods and patroness of Rome. Although Juno is a pretty well known name, it is her Greek counterpart, Hera, that seems to be better known (think TV shows like Hercules and Xena). As guardian of the community, Juno displays aspects of a war goddess, a fertility goddess and a sovereign.  That fertility trait is the one the classic artists really took a liking to and the reason I chose her.  Here’s an example (there were others like this). I think I need to write a story about the Roman pantheon. They are a lusty bunch.


James Barry 001

Forseti is the Norse god of justice and reconciliation and highly skilled in mediation.  He’s the son of Baldr and Nanna, key Norse gods, and lives in Glitnir, a palace of gold and silver, where he sits in judgement. He appears to be a god who brings order and peace to a very warlike pantheon and bridges the world between the gods and the humans. No one  leaves his palace without reconciliation.  All stories about Forseti also refer to Fosite, a Frisian god of justice.  See, key social media connector and influencer.

There is not a lot about him, and that lack of information gives a writer a lot of room to play.  He plays a small but key role in my new book, Life Reignited,  Book 2 of the Divine Temptation Series which releases September 3. It has a sexy cover which I just got so I’m sharing it here.

LifeReignitedArtist:  Fiona Jayde

The Fates are arguably the most powerful of all the gods and goddesses.  Its not clear where they came from but even the gods feared them. Known as the Moirai, they collectively weave our futures.

The Three Fates by

Clotho spins each life with her thread. Lachesis chooses the length and contribution of each life, assigning what you will do and when you will die. Atropos cuts the thread when it is time.  In a way, they are another female articulation of the natural world, as they represent the natural order of things. I love these ladies.

The Chinese immortals seem like a fun bunch.  Apparently, there are eight humans who stumbled into immortality–often by eating an immortal peach. Each one is supposed to be a manifestation of one of the elements of Daoist perfection. They live together, do not rule over anything the way gods do, and just frolic and have fun.  Not too bad, eh?


There are so many pantheons out there and so many gods. Its a glorious world to dig into. Be Careful.  Once you start journeying into the stories, its hard to return.

So who’s your favorite lesser known god or pantheon? Do share.

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