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It’s a Dragon’s Life For Me!

When I saw the theme for the blog this time I didn’t even have to think for a second: Dragon all the way!

Dragon is my Chinese zodiac, but even before that I have always been drawn to dragons. I love their mixture of infinite wisdom and brutal aggressiveness, the way they can be an amazing guide for a hero/heroine on a quest or the ferocious obstacle. They are hard to kill and can fly. I hate, and I mean HATE, flying in a metal can. Despite that I jumped out of one of those tin cans a few years ago and found myself amazed at the beauty and peace high up in the air. You just hang there on your parachute and nothing touches you. I imagine flying as a dragon would be similar. And who wouldn’t love a massive treasure to sit on…

I love dragon jewellery! Everywhere I travel I seem to pick up another pendant;). Let me share some of my obsession with you:


I bought the first two on a trip to Rome. I am not quite sure, but I think the third I bought in London and the fourth is from a fabulous store in Montreal.


These two Jade dragons I bought in Hong Kong last year. I really should make a decision on what kind of necklace I want with them, silver or gold, and add the little loop for it. Lol, I went to visit my friend Victoria Davies and she asked more than once why I kept looking for dragons. I didn’t really have an answer;).


And this one is from a cool store in Vancouver China Town.

There is just something about the sinuous lines of a dragon that pull me in.

What is your favourite jewellery?

I Know my Limitations!

So, this month we’re talking about what shifter we’d be if we could shape-shift and I had a revelation. Thinking about it reminded me of the episode of Star Trek TNG, when everyone on the ship starts to devolve. Who knew Troy would be a fish-thing, or Picard would turn into a weasel? The only one who seemed true to type was Worf, who was extremely scary and inclined to eat all the rest of the crew. No one ever said whether he had eaten anyone or not when not trying to mate with Troy… surely not everyone got away from him?

Anyway, so I approached this question first from a “What would I like to be?” perspective. That was easy! Something sleek and powerful—a cheetah or a dragon, maybe even a wolf or a lioness. Top of the food chain bay-bee. All flash and glory and snarly teeth. Sounded awesome, until I started considering what being one of those would entail. Things like running, hunting, fighting knights and guarding treasure.

That’s when I had to have a nap.

I’m just not cut out for those kind of energetic activities.

On a basic level I’m lazy, have a ‘soon-come’ kind of mentality and don’t like doing more than absolutely necessary. I do like to eat though and will exert myself to cook or search out food, as long as it isn’t running away, forcing me to chase it. So, surfing the internet for a new restaurant is within the realm of my abilities in the hunting department. Not much more than that. I was, I think, born to be in a harem with nothing to do but eat, be bathed and wait around for the sultan to want nookies. Yeah, I could be down with that kind of life…

While I’ve been known to lose my temper, I’m generally easy-going and mostly prefer to let trouble pass me by if I can hunker down and just watch it fly over my head. I’m a lover, not a fighter. I’m also a dreamer, lost in thought half the time, eyes glazed over, no doubt forcing people to check to see if I’m breathing. Oh, and there’s that crazy hair too.

So, eventually, thinking it through carefully, I came to the conclusion I’d probably be happiest as… a sloth! And, I’d finally have long fingernails to boot! BONUS!!


Imagine from


Journeys Through Seduction

Anya Richards/Anya Delvay books available from Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

Fierce Women Love Romance

abdominalOooh! I started writing this post without thinking about my MANhandlers! You have my deepest apologies–and some serious skin. Here you go. 🙂

This week’s post is on why we love our genres so much. It’s something I’ve never really put into words, so writing this has been a challenge. I’ve been mulling it over in the hopes I’d get it right. Here you go–my best effort:

I freaking love romance. Period. I want a good story that gives me a sense of who these characters are and why they’re right for each other, even if it’s only right now. Sure, HEA’s (happily-ever-afters) are brilliant, but I’m just as satisfied with a good HFN (happy-for-now) if it means the book is part of a series. Because I looooove series. But under that broad category of romance, there are sub-genres that really flip my switch. Primarily those genres are paranormal, urban fantasy with romantic elements and (some) historicals. Yes, my likes are wide and varied, but they all have one primary thing in common: kickass women who are not content to let life come to them. They seize the day, whether by choice or circumstance, and show the men around them exactly what a strong woman is capable of accomplishing.

“Fine,” you say. “But this isn’t news. What makes your genre preferences stand out?”

I’m glad you asked.

Paranormal Romance
There’s something about the otherworldly that absolutely thrills me. The idea that there are vampires and shifters and fey (oh my!) in our midst? Wow. It makes me look at the grocery store clerk differently. It makes me wonder if the hot pale guy at the doctor’s office was giving blood or getting it. And what about the gym teacher who can climb a rope, hand over hand, and never break a sweat? (I’m talking about you, Mr. Carson.) Not. Natural. And that’s the thrill.

There’s also the matter of these men being incredibly sexy. You never read a book with an average-looking ocelot shifter. You never find a mediocre fey lover between any set of covers. And you certainly never read about ugly vampires. These men are always out-of-control sexy and, without fail, they’re packing both the goods and the skills to use them. Who doesn’t love that?

Wiszący most na latających skałachUrban Fantasy
Give me a kickass woman with a gun in her hand and her battered heart on her sleeve and I’m your slave. I want fierce women who dont’ shrink away from violence, whether they’re dealing with it or the cause of it. Doesn’t matter. I love reading about women who meet challenges by charging into the fray. “Kicking ass and taking names” is a way of life, and they don’t complain about it. Instead, they learn to manage it, deal with the fallout of bad decisions in battle and in bed, and always find a way to defeat the Big Bad with smarts, tenacity and serious weaponry.

Romance is often secondary to the plot, and that’s fine with me. I do love (smoking, scorching) hot love scenes, and urban fantasy typically delivers.

Also, the world-building fascinates me. I love being able to make up my own rules and fit my characters into those parameters. So. Much. Fun!

Historical Romance
This one’s a little different. I don’t like all historical romance. I’m all about the stories where women buck convention and find a way to defy societal expectations. Those are the stories that make me want to read about days gone by. I’m not interested in women who faint and heroes who think they’re superior. Give me Alpha males and spirited women. Those are the characters I love to play around with. I really enjoy researching eras long past and then figuring out how to successfully bend–okay, break–the rules in order to find happiness.

So there you have it–my love of, well, love. The one thing these genres have in common is that, at some point, the girl gets the right boy and, at least in my worlds, love prevails.

What are your favorites? Why? I’m dying to hear from you. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite author. 🙂


Dragon Love

I love dragons. I mean I LOVE dragons;).

A great first date for me would be with a dragon shifter. He’d pick me up and we’ll take the car up to the mountains where he has a private but luxurious (what can I say, I love my creature comforts;) house.

He shows me around his property. I love nature and seeing unspoiled wilderness is always a treat for me. Obviously our conversation is witty and fun and the flirting goes through the roof. Once the sun starts setting we head back to his house and settle with a glass of wine on his deck, enjoying the most amazing view of the sunset.

Citronella candles will be lit and he might share his coat. He is a gentleman and it’s getting chilly. One the sun is down we’ll start to get hungry. He’ll have a feast prepared. Meat for him and vegetarian options for me. Our conversation turns more intense and we start sharing some of our more privates sides. Dinner is delicious and we move back out onto the deck for desert, decadent chocolate cake of course.

The evening progresses beautifully and the tension between us grows and grows. There may be a kiss of two (or three, obviously he’s an amazing kisser;). Once it’s fully dark he offers to share his other side. Curious and excited I agree.

He shifts, his strong sexy (did I mention naked for a brief moment) body changing into a sleek black dragon. I climb on his back, his powerful body hot between my legs. We take off and shares his world with me. The ride is wild. He dips and turns, making it so much fun and exciting. We return to the house. He changes back (I might catch another glimpse of him) and we share a pot of tea (hey, I’m obsessed with the stuff, my man needs to at least like it).

Yes, I know it’s a rather tame date, but don’t you just love that “getting-to-know-him” phase, that time where things gradually heat up? Well, I do.

What happens next depends on a number of things. I’ll leave it up to your imagination;).

Tina Christopher Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave.

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