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Guest Post: Ellie Heller’s Favorite Love Scene

A Matter of Fate Cover

My fabulous crit buddy, Ellie Heller, who just released an awesome new paranormal love story A Matter of Fate, is visiting to share her favorite love scene.

My favorite love scene is in The Main Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston. It’s not a sex scene, although it does lead to sex, but rather the hero’s declaration of love for the heroine.  The reason I love it is, for how she’s built these two characters, the way this scene plays out is just perfect. The heroine, a hybrid lion and tiger shifter, is a bit commitment phobic and would likely run if hero made a straight out declaration of love even though she’s come to realize she’s developed a strong attachment to him. The hero, a grizzly shifter, is a bit ponderous in his approach to life, yet very smart about her reactions to things and knows she’d likely bolt/freak out if he just puts it out there. Here’s how Ms. Laurenston’s written his revelation. (To set the scene the heroine, Gwen, has just learned of all the help another character has given the hero, Lock when he was discharged from the military and having trouble getting his shit together. So she asks him pointblank if he’s in love with the woman.)

“So you do love her,” she said softly, determined to face the truth.

“Yeah, I love her. But I’m not in love with her. I’m not in love with anybody.”

Gwen felt her heart drop at Lock’s words, but wouldn’t come down on him for being honest. She’d rather that now than later.

Nodding Gwen reached for her ice cream and said, “I understand.”

“I mean,” he went on, unwittingly turning the knife, “not in love with anybody but you.” He thought for a moment and added, “God, I’m crazy in love with you. But yeah, I love Jess. Wait… what’s wrong?”

He was probably asking that because her hand was frozen in the action of reaching for ice cream, but she’d been so stunned, she left it dangling here. Staring at her nails, she asked, “You’re in love with me?”

Crazy in love with you. You know, that whole ‘can’t imagine my life without you’ crazy in love with you.”

Her reaction is great, and true to character, but I’m not going to share that spoiler!

Ellie Heller has written A Matter of Fate, where her hero’s declaration of love is one of her favorite scenes.

A Matter of Fate Blurb

Someone is setting death-spells targeting mortals and elf blood alike. With her mentor out of commission, it’s up to half-trained Warder Mona Lisa Kubrek to stop the magic. Despite being told repeatedly her job is to nullify spells and not go after the source, too many people are at risk for her to not track the spell-caster down. Even meeting a sexy half-elf shifter won’t distract her from her goal.

Except Cart Dupree is fully trained and has the team to search for the evildoer, so she’d be stupid to not use his expertise. Stupid is something she can’t afford to be, not with her enemy’s henchmen after her. Later she’ll deal with Cart and his questions about her special abilities and the non-standard training her mentor has given her. Right now, they need to unravel where the magician is, and who he is, before he builds enough power to decimate them all.

First, though, they need to stay alive.

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

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