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When It Rains

It pours. But I’m not complaining. Sometimes you need a good downpour to make up for months of drought, right?

Well in this case, it’s a monsoon of good news. For a while, I was in a severe book release drought. Ain’t No Bull, the fourth book in my Veil series, came out in July of 2011. To those who were waiting to read more of my books (of which I have no doubt there were gazillions *snorts*), it must have seemed like I dropped off the face of the earth.

As it was, I just had to go through the publishing wringer. Book rejection after book rejection, losing my agent (through a mutual decision and I adore her for fighting so hard for my book), and a complete loss of creativity kept me low. I’d only written one very short, unsatisfying story last year and it seemed like I’d never get published again.

But then everything changed, as it usually does, in the blink of an eye. The book that was rejected by the major publishing houses was picked up by Evernight Publishing and is doing fantastic. A short story, and my very first written in first person, was picked up by Siren and is coming out in June. Even better, a book I wrote at the beginning of the year was contracted to Ellora’s Cave! I don’t know the release date yet, but at this point, who cares? LOL

So all of this good news means edits and cover art and marketing schemes must take place. Immortal Love came out in April and a short story I wrote for an anthology with Evernight comes out in June. A week before You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms 1). I just found out I’ll be getting edits for Ellora’s Cave in the next couple of weeks. And in the middle of this hurricane of edits and release dates and blog tours, I’m trying to write a second book for Ellora’s Cave and the second in my Three Kingdoms series. And I haven’t even thought about the next book in the Olympus, Inc. series yet.

See what I mean? The downpour makes me feel like I should have flash flood warnings posted around me, but I like the chaos. And it helps that my backside could double as a floatation device. 


I wouldn’t appreciate it as much if I hadn’t gone through the drought. Sure, I’d like a little less oh-my-god-there’s-too-much-to-do, but then it wouldn’t be the publishing industry, would it?

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