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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a safe and happy start to the New Year!

What will 2014 look like for me?

I am hoping to write and publish more books this year than I did in 2013. I have finished DbD and am hoping to send it to my editor in the next couple of weeks. I have the outline for fourth and final book in the Celestial Surrender series and am planning 2 more books in my steampunk world.

I am going to visit a friend in St. Croix…at least I hope I will. It all depends on the timely arrival of my passport;). I am very much looking forward to sunshine and being at the beach, especially now that Toronto has temperatures of -20C (-4F). Her house is directly on the water. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the passport arrives in time.

I am also planning to attend the Romantic Times convention in May in New Orleans. I have never been before, but it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve been to New Orleans before and I have a few days before the convention starts to do sightseeing. Bring on the beignets;).

In between all that I am looking forward to hanging out with my friends, seeing movies like this (sooo excited!),

spend time with my cat and read 125 books. I discovered today that Laurell K. Hamilton has a new Meredith Gentry book coming in June, A Shiver of Light. It’s been years since a book in that series and I cannot wait.

What about you? Have you got any plans for 2014?

Tina Christopher

Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

There Is Nothing Impossible To Her Who Will Try

I tweaked Alexander the Great’s quote a little (the original has him instead of her), but despite all my trying I could not narrow it down to my all-time favourite book. Instead I chose a book I remember being so very excited about that I couldn’t stop boring a friend over dinner;).

Dream Man by Linda Howard (1994)

*stares fondly at cover*

Oh, the days when you didn’t need an image as your front cover. Anyway, I didn’t read the book until a few years after it had been published. At that time I lived in Germany and I had just discovered a way to lay hands on English language books. Not an easy feat at that time, let m tell you.

I read the book and remember turning the last page, lying back on my bed and staring at the ceiling with tears running down my cheeks. Not because the book was sad or I didn’t like it. But because it was over! I was back in the real world and no longer following Marlie and Dane on their adventure trying to track down a serial killer through Marlie’s psychic powers. I probably lay there for close to thirty minutes. Then I went back to the first page and read the book again.

A few days later a friend and I went for dinner. We chatted about everything under the sun and somehow ended up talking about books and reading. I chewed off her ear, gushing about the writing, the story, how amazing it had been to disappear into the world Linda had created and how I couldn’t wait to read more of her books. And my friend really wasn’t a romance reader;). Luckily she understood and we shared books we’d read and left the world behind.

I went on to read and re-read all of Linda’s books until a few years ago when she moved over to women’s fiction. Another one of my favourites is The MacKenzies. It saved my life on a long flight because the two stories sucked me under and made me forget I was 30,000 feet in the air. I HATE flying.

I haven’t read either of those books in a very long time, but they both moved to Canada with me. I am definitely seeing a re-read in my very near future.

Do you remember a book where you were surprised or disoriented to find yourself back in the real world after it ended?

Tina Christopher

Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave and Amazon.

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