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The Dichotomy of Misa

If I could live in another time… well, you’d think it’d be the future and in a way you’d be right.

As a Trekker, I think the place to live would be Deep Space Nine (it’d be Babylon 5, except for the Shadows). There are planets to explore, a wormhole on the doorstep and, when I was feeling flush, Quark’s casino.

Plus I’d absolutely love to meet all the varying aliens and learning about their cultures. Not sure I’d try any gagh though!

But I’m a tricky beast and the future isn’t the only time that fascinates me. Part of me is drawn to the past, to the adventure of the Wild West, but there’s also the lure of Victorian England, with its smog-bound cities and huge leaps in industrial technology.

pnpYet scratch not all that deep and you’ll find the heart of a romantic raised on Jane Austin and the Bronte sisters. Perhaps not the best period for a forward-thinking woman that sucks at being ladylike, but the idea of being wooed, of balls and horse-drawn carriages appeals mightily.

But I suppose that, if I had to choose…

Between the past…

And the future…

Then I simply wouldn’t choose at all.

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