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Give Me a Hero with an Edge

Hi all!  I revealed the cover for Consumed this week – what do you think?  Nice abs, huh?  🙂  The tough body fits the hero (Jordan, a lion shapeshifter) perfectly, and I started thinking about heroes.  Well, and heroines.  I like ’em all with an edge.

Nothing against the clean-cut, boy next door, good guy…but I like a bit of darkness in a character.  (And I’d rather not examine too closely why).  LOL

Take Raylan Givens from Justified.  Sure, he’s the good guy.  But man, he shoots a lot of people, and he has his own code.  There’s nothing too clean-cut about this guy…yet I root for him every week.  He also makes some terrible mistakes, but you can see why he makes them.  Even better,  you can see how he learns from them.  I guess it comes down to having a hero who isn’t perfect.  What fun is perfection?  (Unless you’re talking about abs, of course).

Mary Shannon from In Plain Sight is another great example.  She’s sarcastic, snide, and lacks patience.  But she’ll do anything for her friends and family…including taking a bullet.  And even though she really doesn’t want to care, she cares deeply about the witnesses she protects.  So deeply it really ticks her off.  🙂

I guess flaws are what make people interesting…and why we cheer so hard for certain characters.  Overcoming those flaws makes for a good hero or heroine.  What do you think makes for a good character?  (Besides rippled abs?)   🙂

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