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Wonderful Wonder Woman

1978 Wonder Woman Whitman Cards 2


It’s difficult to decide what superhero I’d like to be…



Black Canary?

Wonder Woman?

Then there are the darker superheroes like Cat Woman.

I like the idea of being able to fly without having to take a airplane across the ocean. Wouldn’t that be super…flying to Europe on a whim – so my super powers would have to include flying.

Also, to see in the dark so I could easily vent out the bad guys hiding in some dark alley or cave or something.

And of course, I have to be extremely fit, fast and agile – so I can kick some ass.

Oh, and having telepathy and psychic powers would help – how else to know who is behind the evil lurking in the city?

It’s looking like Wonder Woman is my mentor. And she has the cool golden Lasso¬†of Truth…so no one can lie to her without consequence. Utility bracelets that repel bullets and a magic tiara that she uses as a deadly boomerang. Her utility earrings allow her to breathe in outer space as well. What’s not to love about her powers?

Love and Peace,


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Dragon Love

I love dragons. I mean I LOVE dragons;).

A great first date for me would be with a dragon shifter. He’d pick me up and we’ll take the car up to the mountains where he has a private but luxurious (what can I say, I love my creature comforts;) house.

He shows me around his property. I love nature and seeing unspoiled wilderness is always a treat for me. Obviously our conversation is witty and fun and the flirting goes through the roof. Once the sun starts setting we head back to his house and settle with a glass of wine on his deck, enjoying the most amazing view of the sunset.

Citronella candles will be lit and he might share his coat. He is a gentleman and it’s getting chilly. One the sun is down we’ll start to get hungry. He’ll have a feast prepared. Meat for him and vegetarian options for me. Our conversation turns more intense and we start sharing some of our more privates sides. Dinner is delicious and we move back out onto the deck for desert, decadent chocolate cake of course.

The evening progresses beautifully and the tension between us grows and grows. There may be a kiss of two (or three, obviously he’s an amazing kisser;). Once it’s fully dark he offers to share his other side. Curious and excited I agree.

He shifts, his strong sexy (did I mention naked for a brief moment) body changing into a sleek black dragon. I climb on his back, his powerful body hot between my legs. We take off and shares his world with me. The ride is wild. He dips and turns, making it so much fun and exciting. We return to the house. He changes back (I might catch another glimpse of him) and we share a pot of tea (hey, I’m obsessed with the stuff, my man needs to at least like it).

Yes, I know it’s a rather tame date, but don’t you just love that “getting-to-know-him” phase, that time where things gradually heat up? Well, I do.

What happens next depends on a number of things. I’ll leave it up to your imagination;).

Tina Christopher Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave.

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