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Forget Horror, Ghosts, and Demons. Let’s Talk Chicken

Hello everyone! Yeah, you read the title right. Forget all those scary, bump in the night things. I wanna talk about chickens today. No, not the ones that cluck or crow. Well, I mean, some do but not the ones I have in mind. I’m talking about us humans who are “Fright-Night Challenged”. That’s right, the ones of us with good sense who would run the hell out of the room instead of checking who was in the closest or behind door number one.

On more than one occasion I have been picked on for being the kid who threw the other kids in front of her as she turned tail and ran. For as long as I can remember I have loved scary stories yet been terrified of them. When I began writing a few years ago I had the strongest urge to write paranormal stories, yet how was I going to write about creatures that terrified me? Three years later I still have no idea how I manage to hold off the heebie geebies long enough to write. And on top of that, I’ve made friends with people who adore horror stories, ghosts, and all things scary.

I am a member of my local Romance Writers of America group and a group of the ladies are heading to New Orleans next weekend. There has been talk(Cynthia!) of heading to a haunted tour. Now, every Wednesday I watch episode after episode of Ghosts Hunters and Paranormal Witness. This is as close to a haunted tour I will get. I might tell you, “Yeah, I’ll be there. NO, I’m not going to chicken out this time.” Yet, I will.

So while this month most people are proclaiming their love of all things terrifying I am proclaiming my love for all things fuzzy and cuddly. If you’re a chicken like me, stand up, yell it from the roof tops (not really, please don’t do this 🙂 ) and don’t be scared to say, “Go ahead with your bad self, open that door. I’ll be alive in the sequel while your dumbass is six feet under cause you just had to open that door!”


Have a great day everyone and remember, do what’s right because it’s right!

Sayde Grace

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