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Having a god to dinner (and a #giveaway)

LifeReignited At my dinner party, the guest of honor is Forseti, Norse god of justice and truth.  He is a pivotal character in my soon to be released novella, Life Reignited. Because his vocation is arbitration, he focues his full attention on the person talking and the topic at hand. His power is to make each person’s voice feel valued. Some dinner party guest, huh?  Here’s a snippet from the book, where we meet our silver-tongued god.


“Welcome to Norway.” The god’s voice flowed like honey over the room. A sense of peace settled in Sander’s gut. From the awestruck looks on everyone else’s faces, they felt it too. “I am Forseti,” he continued, leaning forward, eyes moving from one person to the next. Now that made sense. Forseti was the Norse god of justice and truth, known for his mediation and arbitration skills and a voice that could calm a raging storm.

Forseti is accompanied by Sigrid, a Valkyrie who shadows his every move. There may be a later love story in there somewhere but for now, its the backdrop of Phoebe’s and Sander’s story.  I’d invite them too, because not only are they both brilliant and insightful, Sander has a quirky sense of  humor. He loves to quote old TV shows.  Phoebe, an Amazon warrior, loves to play along.  Here’s a snippet. I’m giving away a prize to the person who identifies the two TV shows quoted below.  Remember both my protagonists are over 50. Fun, yes?

“Everything hurts,” Phoebe complained as she pulled her boots off and dropped them by the front door of Sander’s—no—their hotel room.

“My poor Phoebe. Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. But still basically human.”

“Darn. Darn. Darn. Darn.” She beamed at him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way for all the power left on Olympus.”

“Then let me show you how us maturing humans deal with muscle pain. Strip.”

“Professor Xenos. You take liberties.”

A low chuckle started in his throat and ended in his eyes.


What does one serve to a god. Clearly, there would be several kinds of fish. It is the Norse pantheon.  Salmon, herring, and cod.  And beer and wine, flowing all night, from pitchers that never empty.  Well, the gods should help with the evening, don’t you think?

Plates piled high with fruit, bowls of steaming chowder and fresh baked bread, platters of cheese, and of course dessert. Apple cake. Come, join us. There will be plenty.  When the gods come to dinner, it really must be a banquet.


Life Reignited releases on September 3 from Ellora’s Cave.

Pantheons and Promo

First and foremost, I have to brag briefly, then I promise delve into sexy gods.NightmareInk

My urban fantasy NIGHTMARE INK came out on Tuesday.  I’m in the midst of a month long blog tour. You can win a copy of the book by visiting a blog or two and leaving a comment. The easiest way to keep track is to follow me on Twitter (@marcellaburnard) I’ll post links every day. Rest assured, I’m too socially awkward to be very noisy on Twitter. 😀 If you’d like to know a little more about the book before committing to a blog comment, have a look at Penguin’s site.

On to sexy gods and/or pantheons!

Egyptian. Let me qualify that lest you imagine I have some repressed beast-headed god kink. I love the Egyptian pantheon and not just because it rose up as my patron pantheon as I was being initiated into Wicca. Since I was training in a Celtic tradition, the Egyptian thing was a big surprise.

Thing is, I’m into the intellectuals and the Egyptian pantheon is chock full. Thoth, Osiris, Horus, even Set is pretty brainy if a tad twisted. I confess, though, that one of the reasons I love this pantheon so very much is that the goddesses are equals of the gods. They are as fierce and as powerful. That’s part of what’s so attractive to me. Gods who are seducing goddesses who are their equals – there’s so much more intellectual interplay and that’s sexy.

Besides. The Egyptian gods wore eyeliner. What’s not to like? 😀


Surprise Giveaways

At the end of our two weeks of secrets, there’ll be an author gift basket giveaway. Each author gets to choose from one of the following three items to put in the basket: 1) an ebook; 2) a print book; or 3) a gift card. We aren’t telling. Secrets, remember? So the winner will receive four surprise prizes.

How do you win?

Easy. Comment on the blog post of our authors. All commenters will be assigned a number and entered into a raffle. A winner will be chosen with, which selects numbers at–you guessed it–random. You can increase your chances of winning by commenting on several authors’ posts. There are four of us, so if you comment on all four of our blog posts, we will assign you four number in the raffle. If you comment on just three, then you’ll be assigned three numbers, and so forth.

Secret posts where you can comment:

Happy Reading!

What’s My Secret – Relaunch #Giveaway

Viki Lyn

I believe I’m the last one to spill – the end of the two weeks!

I don’t keep many secrets. I guess it’s because I have a way of saying too much at times! I pretty much wear my heart openly. But there are a few things about me that some people don’t know about – I have over 300 volumes of Japanese yaoi (Boys Love) stored in my closet. I’m not sure why I keep this a secret from most people. Maybe it’s my age (much older than thirty!) and that the subject matter can be graphically erotic. Reading comics when I should be reading something more ‘important’ or even reading books in my genre (which I do on occasion!).

The mangakas (comic artists) have their unique style of drawing. It’s fun to follow their careers. In my fast paced world, yaoi provides a fast, sexy read, with a happy ever after ending. I bring a manga to the gym and read it while walking on the treadmill and it’s an easy 35-40 minute workout!

It’s an expensive habit but one that isn’t going away anytime soon.


Remember to leave a comment to get a chance to win!

Surprise Giveaways

At the end of our two weeks of secrets, they’ll be an author gift basket giveaway.  Each author gets to choose from one of the following three items to put in the basket:  1) an ebook; 2) a print book; or 3) a gift card.  We aren’t telling. Secrets, remember?  So the winner will receive four surprise prizes.

How do you win?

Easy. Comment on the blog post of our authors.  All commenters will be assigned a number and entered into a raffle. A winner will be chosen with, which selects numbers at–you guessed it–random.  You can increase your chances of winning by commenting on several authors’ posts. There are four of us, so if you comment on all four of our blog posts, we will assign you four number in the raffle. If you comment on just three, then you’ll be assigned three numbers, and so forth.

Come and join the fun.  What’s your secret?


Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn: Award winning author of gay and straight paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

Your Secrets Are My Secret


Pst. Grab a glass of champagne and have a seat. No. No. I won’t try to wheedle your secrets from you. Don’t have to, see? Because *my* secret is right here. In the cards I read. Oh, yes. Tarot cards. You needn’t believe in order for them to work. Let’s pretend you’re one of my clients. You called, made an appointment, and here we are. I’ll ask that you NOT tell me what’s bothering you. I’d prefer you not say anything at all, initially. The cards should tell me exactly what you’re concerned about. I count on it, in fact, as a method by which I assure myself (as much as possible) that I’m not just reading your body language or vocal intonations and telling you what you want to hear in a session. For this reason, 95% of my readings happen over the phone, not in person. I can’t read body language I can’t see. Is it perfect assurance that the readings are ‘real’? Probably not. I’m not sure there is any perfect assurance. I can only focus on the cards I pull for you and talk about what they tell me.


This is my preferred deck. The Robin Wood Tarot. (The image should be linked to the store that sells the deck and that supplied this graphic – if I did it correctly…) After shuffling, I lay out an 11 card spread called a modified Celtic Cross. The first three cards go in the middle. Question card, cover card, and cross card. These three cards describe your situation. When I read, I talk about those three cards, first as individual cards, and then as a group. After I’ve done that, I ask for feedback. “Does this make sense? Does this describe your situation?” Most of the time, clients say yes and we go on with the rest of the reading. On the few occasions someone has said no, I reshuffle and try again. If we’re still not getting it, I stop the reading, and ask to reschedule. A client never pays for a reading that didn’t work. Almost always, at the rescheduled session, we get it right. It is rare, but it does happen that I just can’t read for someone. I refer that person to another card reader – one I call upon to read for me from time to time – someone I know will treat them well and respectfully.

Why is my card reading a secret, you ask? It isn’t, exactly. It’s merely ‘not widely known’. I’m not even sure why. Maybe because I’m an introvert and being on the phone with several clients a day induces a mild panic attack? Funny. I really do enjoy reading for people, when it’s in limited doses – like the arrangement I have now. Could I raise my prices? Sure. But I want people to be able to afford asking for information. (The cards will never tell you what to do – they only offer information and/or new ways to look at a situation.) Could I push for more clients? Probably. But I’m not sure I’d be doing anyone a service by it. I like card reading because it seems to help the people I read for. I want to make very, very sure that ego and greed don’t enter into that equation. So I go slowly. Carefully. Ready to yank myself back by the scruff of the neck should I start trying to fake it.

Now. Shall we shuffle and have a look at your cards for real? No? I understand. Here. Allow me to top up that champagne. Enjoy the relaunch party – and never fear. No permission, no reading. Your secrets are safe.

And don’t forget:

Surprise Giveaways

At the end of our two weeks of secrets, they’ll be an author gift basket giveaway.  Each author gets to choose from one of the following three items to put in the basket:  1) an ebook; 2) a print book; or 3) a gift card.  We aren’t telling. Secrets, remember?  So the winner will receive four surprise prizes.

How do you win?

Easy. Comment on the blog post of our authors.  All commenters will be assigned a number and entered into a raffle. A winner will be chosen with, which selects numbers at–you guessed it–random.  You can increase your chances of winning by commenting on several authors’ posts. There are four of us, so if you comment on all four of our blog posts, we will assign you four numbers in the raffle. If you comment on just three, then you’ll be assigned three numbers, and so forth.

Come and join the fun.  What’s your secret?


Contest!! plus…If You Could Live In Another Time…

If you could live in another time, what time would you like to live in? That’s the topic at Darker Temptations over the past couple of weeks and a question for me to ponder…

But first….Contest! Contest! See below for details on getting a chance to win a free pdf copy of Resistance – Outlaw Lovers!


Call me crazy but I would be interested in living sometime in the future, specifically during the times of my Outlaw Lovers series…about  seven plus years from now it would be a post-catastrophic time where most of the women have died from various illnesses and there are tons of men available.

Here’s a peek at how life would be like:

A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population and forced the creation of the Claiming Law. Groups of males have the right to claim a female as property…sexual property. With the Terrorist Wars over, the Outlaw brothers come home to declare ownership of their women…

I would be part of the “Resistance”. A ragtag group of people who are willing to fight to reinstate a democratic government and get rid of the newly formed dictatorship as well as the Claiming Law. I’d have my pick of hunky guys who believe in a woman picking her own man (or men) for her mates. And I would try like hell to avoid getting caught by the groups of men roving around looking to claim wives.

How about you? Do you have a wish to live in another time?

So, my contest question is…

For a chance at a free pdf ebook copy of “Resistance” send me an email with the first names of the three main characters (one female and two males) in the futuristic erotic romance “Resistance” part of my Outlaw Lovers series at Ellora’s Cave. 

Your answer can be found here:

A winner will be picked sometime over this weekend and their name will be posted here and I will contact them as well.

Contest deadline – midnight tonight – Friday September 27, 2013 E.T.

Good luck! Woot!

Books can be read in this series order (ebook formats)…1. Jude Outlaw   2. The Claiming  3. Colter’s Revenge  4. Tyler’s Woman  5. Resistance…..and in paperback format 1. Jude and Luke (contains Jude Outlaw & The Claiming) 2. Colter’s Revenge 3. Tyler’s Woman – no paperback version of Resistance available yet.

Also an update: Look for Toygasm , Attracted to Him and Attracted to Her releasing soon from Ellora’s Cave. Details can be found here:


And releasing soon – Marley’s Menage – Book 2 The Key Club from Spunky Girl Publishing –

MarleysMenage2500x1563 (4)

Happy Reading,

Jan Springer


Erm… I’m a bad blogger. But GIVEAWAY!

So this morning, something dawned on me.


So here’s what happened. I got a new phone. And, said new phone is not programmed with the neato little reminders that old phone was. You know, the ones that pinged me every other Friday and said “Hey, Moron, go do your blog.”

So, this is me, grovelling and apologizing. I’m really sorry that I flaked out for a couple of Fridays there. It wasn’t intentional, promise!!

So, since those reminders also told me WHAT I was supposed to blog about, I’m sort of flying blind for this post.

“What? Regina winging it? That’s never happened.” *takes off sarcasm hat*

So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you guys something free to absolve my guilt. (Hehehehee. Here, kids! I’ll make up for bad parenting by giving you too much stuff.)

I’ll pick one random commenter and send them one FREE ebook! You can pick any of my Ellora’s Cave releases. Here, I’ll just leave you links here in case you want to go ahead and pick out your favorite. 😉 Just click the cover and it’ll take you to the Amazon page.

I’ll run this contest through midnight on Sunday, July 9th. That gives you all weekend to comment! So talk to me below, and tell me how I should punish myself for flaking on my poor Darker Temptations. 🙂



Muffi Beyer’s Exile Scavenger Hunt

muffi buttonToday we’re welcoming debut author Muffi Beyer for a stop on her Exile Scavenger Hunt, so let’s start with the Super Duper Important Scavenger Hunt Instructions. After those you’ll find my review of the book, Muffi’s Bio, the blurb, and buy links. There’s also a tour-wide prize of a $20 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Super Duper Important Instructions:

There are 15 (fifteen) stops for this Scavenger Hunt. Each stop contains a picture/button with a letter on it. All 15 letters form a message or phrase that is associated with the book. The letters are scattered randomly to the hosts. You will need to collect all 15, unscramble them, and then enter the decoded message in the Rafflecopter for the ‘extra entries’. Good luck!

MB 15

Scheduled stops on Muffi’s Scavenger Hunt are:

BadBarbsPlace 5/10- Fri
Candlelight Book Promotions 5/10- Fri
Cristal Ryder 5/11- SAT
Darker Temptations 5/12- SUN
Lea Barrymire 5/13- Mon
I am a book addict…and proud of it 5/14- Tue
AJ Jarrett 5/15- Wed
A.M. Griffin 5/20- Mon
Unearthly Musings 5/21- Tue
Anya Richards 5/22- Wed
For Whom The Books Toll 5/23- Thur
Nightstand Novels 5/25- SAT
Tattooed Book Review 5/26- SUN
Coffee & A Book Anytime 5/28- Tue
Amy Ruttan 5/31- Fri

Review by Anya Richards

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll say up front that I edited Exile for Muffi. Any issues you have with that aspect of it, well, it’s my fault.

Here’s the thing though. As an editor, it’s not my job to like a book—I’m just employed to do a clean-up of grammar and syntax, look for any continuity issues, the usual. When she first sent the book to me I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it, because it has one of my hot-button plot points…the death of a child.

Then I started working on it.




There were times when I had to stop and go back a few pages, because I realized I’d stopped editing and was just reading, NEEDING to know what would happen next.

What a freakin’ roller coaster ride!

I’ll warn you, this is not your typical romance by any standards. There will probably be some readers who say it isn’t really a romance at all. I actually think how you react to this book may just be a good indication of how you view the world—if you’re a die-hard romantic, you’ll see it one way, if a complete cynic, you’ll see it another.

Rachel, the heroine, seems to be living a dream life at the beginning of the book—beautiful little boy, the trapping of success gained from an exciting and fulfilling job—but even then there is the sense of something untoward hovering over her head. As one piece of her life shatters, Rachel is left clinging to the others, trying to hold on to some sense of normalcy and self in a world turned upside down and inside out. Everything she knows about herself, about the world, is tested and, in the end, we are left to ask some serious questions…such as: What is real? What is true? What are the possibilities?

I actually love this book. It made me think, made me laugh in places, always had me guessing about what would happen next. It’s one of those books that first-person narrative was created for and, even though it was first-person, the secondary characters still were clearly defined. It really is a romantic psychological thriller with a touch of the paranormal, or a thrilling paranormal romance with a psychological twist…whichever you prefer! If you enjoy a book that will grip you, shake you and have you thinking about it for days after you finish it, Exile might be the book for you. Just be warned, you will be up all night and guessing right to the very, very end!


Muffi Beyer grew up on the beaches of Malibu and has spent her career writing for Hollywood.  Her credits include Days of Our Lives, Santa BarbaraNash Bridges, Doc, Sue Thomas FBeye, and My Friends Tiger and Pooh.  She has also produced several reality shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and Project Runway Allstars. She currently spends her days writing her next paranormal trilogy, hanging with her kids and husband, walking her overweight Italian Greyhound, and recording her dreams for future projects. This is her first novel.

Author Facebook page:



Exile 1st proof (1)


“Exile is a deeply romantic psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster exploration of grief, logic, and the transcendental nature of love…”

Anya Richards, Best-selling author

Reeling from the loss of her son and her ex’s indifference, Rachel a successful film director, heads to Ireland to shoot her next project. Once there, she’s plagued with vivid dreams and a gnawing sense of déjà vu. But Rachel’s tough exterior really begins to crumble when she spots a statue in the town square and is shocked to realize it’s the exact replica of the man who has haunted her dreams for months—a handsome stranger for whom she feels a deep and mysterious attraction…

Will Rachel choose love even at the expense of her own sanity? Or is her love for the man of her dreams more real than anything here on earth…?

 Buy Links:

Amazon:   Barnes & Noble:  Smashwords:   Kobo:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Journeys Through Seduction

Anya Richards/Anya Delvay books available from Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters Indigo.

Let it Snow – and Let Us Eat!

Happy holidays! We hope you’re all enjoying the festive season and aren’t too overwhelmed by shopping and family obligations. We thought we’d share two easy-peasy holiday recipes that are favourites in our households. Both these recipes can also be found in Passionate Cooks, a free cookbook from All Romance.

Scottish Shortbread

Using a food processor (Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid) makes this recipe very simple.

Preheat oven to 275F.

1/2 pound butter at room temperature
1/2 cup fruit sugar (or grind up regular sugar in processor)
1/2 cup rice flour
2 cups cake and pastry flour

If using normal sugar, grind it in processor to make it fine. Add butter and cream with sugar until smooth and light. Add rice and pastry flour. Dough should form into a ball in processor. Press into a greased square glass cooking dish (medium sized – 9 inches or so).

Cook for one hour or until bottom is lightly browned (lift up glass dish to check). Do not overcook! Cool and cut into squares. It’s best to cut when the shortbread is still a bit warm – not too hot, not too cold.

The secret ingredient is butter

The secret ingredient is butter

Sweet Embrace Potatoes

1 large can sweet potatoes in syrup (drained)
¾ stick melted butter
2 eggs
1 c sugar
1 c milk
2 tbs corn starch
cinnamon to taste

Dissolve cornstarch in a little of the milk to make it mix easily.  Beat all of the above ingredients with mixer until well blended. Pour in casserole and bake 22 minutes at 375 degrees.

Topping for casserole

1 c crushed cornflakes
1 c coconut flakes
½ c brown sugar
¾ c butter
½ nuts (chopped pecans, chopped walnuts, almond flakes)

Mix topping ingredients over low heat.  Spread over partially cooked sweet potato mixture.  Return to oven for 20 minutes.

Sweet Embrace Potatoes

Enjoy! We wish health and happiness to you and yours.

p.s. Come on over to Long and Short Reviews for another holiday recipe and a chance to win a copy of my m/m Hanukkah romance Eight Nights!

Keira Andrewsand Leta Blake write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Earthly Desires, the first book in the series, available for purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Ellora’s Cave.

Procrastination and Free Stuff

Okay, I admit. I’m a little bit of a procrastinator sometimes.

So on the day I’m supposed to blog, I remember it at about 7 am.


Dark heroes? What’s a dark hero? At this point in the day, no coffee, no other form of caffeinated wonder, it’s amazing that I’m even upright. What are heroes again? What makes them dark?

Damned if I know. *stares longingly at coffeepot*

So instead of doing what I’m supposed to do, how about we do a giveaway instead? You guys like free stuff? Of COURSE you do!

So here’s what I want you to do. Make me feel better about forgetting my responsibilities. Tell me something you’ve left until the last minute recently. Did you run out of dog food and have to feed your pups fish flakes? Did you not do laundry and have to borrow your husband’s skivvies? Did you show up to work unshowered with some story about a nuclear war blowing out the power on your block?

Entertain me, and ease my guilt!

Comment below, and tonight at 10:00pm EST I’ll run you guys through and then give to you your choice of an ebook copy of any of my EC releases!

Go spread the word, lovies. I’ll be here running to the day job!

What time is it? OH CRAP!



Villains: Ba’al

Halfway through Stargate SG-1‘s ten season run, came a two-parter involving Daniel infiltrating a meeting of the show’s Big Bads at the time – the Goa’uld. As well as a few of those the audience had met before, there were also new ones introduced – most of which were never seen or heard from again. However one played against type… and the audience absolutely loved it.

Best known for torturing lead Jack O’Neill to death over and over again (long story), Ba’al was played to utter perfection by South African actor Cliff Simon. Instead of the arrogant loudness of previous Goa’uld, Ba’al is a calm character who delivers his flavour of revenge cold and with a smirk. He has an eye for the ladies and a wry sense of humour, though his grasp of human sayings sometimes alludes him.

In the later seasons, with the introduction of a second antagonistic race – the Ori – Ba’al entered a grey area. Sometimes an enemy, sometimes an ally, the only thing the audience ever really knew for sure was that, no matter what else he was up to, he was always looking out for himself.

Key to Ba’al’s character is the actor who portrayed him. Cliff was determined to create more than a one-dimensional “bad guy”, and he very much succeeded – Ba’al is layered, complex and morally ambiguous. He never reacts as the audience expects, facing his own execution with quips and a smirk… only to violently stab O’Neill when he escapes his bonds. A good part of my love for Ba’al comes from utter adoration of Cliff; his generosity to his fans (and yes, I have been on the receiving end of this), his wicked sense of humour and his passion for the causes he supports.

Um, this post went a little sideways on me… I’m such a fangirl. Anyway, let’s announce the winner of two of my backlist books.

It’s…… *drumroll*


Viki, please email your preference to misa[.]buckley[@]gmail[.]com

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