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Bacchus Celebration or Sin?

Bacchus at Waddesdon

Bacchus at Waddesdon Photo by Bill Tyne


This post period, we are talking about our favorite God.

Now, I’m not into Gods so much. Now goddesses, I love them. I have visited several goddess sites around the globe. I collect goddess statues. Even wrote a book featuring a goddess (never published – yet).

But Gods?

Most of them are bullies – Ares loves war, Zeus treats women as his possessions…
Gods run rampant with their voracious, lustful appetites.

Alpha enough for you?

So I chose to honor Greek Dionysus or the Roman name -Bacchus.

Dionysus is the God of wine, winemaking and merry making. Orgies, sure, bring them on. Ritual madness and ecstasy are his catchwords.

Now a mad, ecstatic God can be dangerous – but then, if you were going to do it with a God, he’d be your man. I’m sure he’s very skilled in the art of lovemaking.

A little known fact about Dionysus: out of the twelve Olympians, he was the one that could restore the deceased from the underworld back to life. Not a bad God to have around, just in case you need a little CPR.

And he was trained in bacchic rites and initiations by the centaur, Chiron. Hmm. Strange bedfellow, I’d say.

Yeah, Bacchus I can get behind, eh, well, you know what I mean!

Don’t forget about the giveaway – the winner will be chosen this Friday. Here’s the drill:

Surprise Giveaways

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Come and join the fun. What’s your secret?

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