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Groov’in Sixties

woman legsAs a child, I was enamored with the sixties. So much so, years later, I wrote Formula For Love set in the late sixties in San Francisco and Berkeley. I’ve been accused of writing my memoirs, but honestly, I was too young for the antics of Rose Red! I have three older sisters, and yes, I took some liberty of stealing from their life stories.

I grew up listening to my sister’s AM radio stations – singing along with the Supremes, Herman Hermits, Dave Clark Five, The Associations, and of course, the Beatles. I watched with fascination as America’s social structure unraveled on television. Race riots, peace-ins, love-ins, marches on Washington, the rally cry of the day was make love not war. Even as a young child, then a teen, I knew times were a’changing. You only had to listen to Bob Dylan to figure that out.

The 60’s were filled with turmoil. Women’s Movement and the Gay Movement were born from the remains of the Civil Rights and Anti-war movements. In ten years, a President was assassinated, then Martin Luther King, followed by Bobby Kennedy. By the end of the decade, no one was safe, and disillusionment set in.

But with incredible change comes incredible growth. Good comes from bad and vice versa. Some historians say we are coming into another decade similar to the sixties, where institutions will break down and we’ll experience tremendous changes. We can see some of that now, with our banking system breaking down, even the changes in publishing.

The old paradigm must give way to the new.

Peace and Love,

Viki Lyn





formulaforlove-200-2Kenneth believes everything—even love—can be solved logically, until he meets a flower child who challenges him at every turn

Kenneth Hailey, an uptight conservative mathematician, believes he’s in control. After all, every problem can be solved in a deliberate and logical manner. Even love. When his fiancée dumps him for his best friend, he leaves Manhattan for the West Coast. What better place to forget his past. It’s 1967, and San Francisco is the place to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

But is he ready for Rose Red?

Rose Red, a free-spirited flower child, challenges Kenneth, thrusting him into her world of love-ins, protest rallies, and rock concerts. Kenneth finds himself falling down a rabbit hole, hanging on for dear life.
Old habits die hard, and he retreats, but Rose Red has other plans for him.
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Formula for Love


I have a new male/female romance coming soon with Musa Publishing. It’s a contemporary romance — sort of — the story set in 1967. Thinking about my heroine, Rose Red, she is a modern woman. She’s a free-spirit, intelligent and chooses to live her life the way she wants, despite society’s norms. Her problems are contemporary – trying to find love without compromise to her beliefs. There’s give and take, but she isn’t willing to give up her dreams for love, but rather, she wants someone who shares them.

This is a fun story and I loved writing it. I’m from Northern California and hung out in San Francisco and Berkeley. My sister went to UC Berkeley during the riots, tear gas and student protests. It wasn’t a stretch for me to write the setting and get the ‘feel’ of the generation that came before me. The era intrigues me because after 1964, America shifted cultural perspective –and it was on the cusp of major social change that shaped my beliefs.

I love setting my books in periods of social upheaval. I have another story coming soon that is set in 1913 – again, an decade of social challenges with the advent of women’s rights, birth control rights, women and work, unions, free love (yes, free love expressed before 1967). Strong, independent women wanting to improve women’s lives is a running theme in many of my m/f books that will be released this year and next.

Look for Formula for Love April 5 at Musa!

Love and Peace!

Viki Lyn

Viki Lyn: Award winning author of male/male paranormal and contemporary romances. You can find all of Viki’s books at the following sites: Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and GLBT Bookshelf.

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