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Hot Guy, Hot Car

This time around we’re talking about the best love scene we’ve ever read and why it worked.

The only one that instantly comes to mind for me was from one of my favorite Kresley Cole books, Dark Desires After Dusk. I don’t want to get into the whole story because if you haven’t read it, you MUST, but needless to say the hero is doing a bad thing by leading our unwitting heroine to her doom. Oh I love Holly and Cadeon. They’re my favorite characters, I think. Probably because Holly starts out as this shy, repressed person who turns into this kick ass heroine with one of the sexiest bad boys in the Lore.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get all excited. I just love this book. Anyway, to set the scene, Cade is bringing Holly to a bad man in order to regain his brother’s lost kingdom. He’s torn because he knows Holly is his mate. Knows it. And she’s destined to become the mother of the bad man’s babies, so he has to keep his mitts off her on their long road trip from New Orleans to Alaska. Hello? He’s sexy as hell and she’s this little vixen of a woman. Can we say impossible situation? Toss in her curiosity about him, sex and her burgeoning powers and we have a volatile, doomed affair.

So here we are to my scene. They’ve been playing with each other, bringing each other pleasure with their hands and mouths, but no full on penetration. And Cade offers to let Holly drive his brothers McLaren.

And driving this beast of a car turns her on. He can tell as the speedometer climbs up and up. She grows aroused, he grows aroused and he tells her to pull over. She does and next thing we know, Holly is perched on the fender of this fine ass car, her pants around her ankles and Cade between her legs.

It’s funny really. I’ve read a lot of books, some with sex scenes so hot I’ve had to fan myself. But the only one I remember is this one because it’s painted in my mind. He’s there, pleasuring her with his mouth and he tells her to play with her nipples, that he’s busy. When she looks down at him kneeling in front of her, it’s to see his hand moving in a tell-tale jerking motion. I can see this scene and it’s sexy as all hell. That he’s so hungry for her, he doesn’t care if cars pass. The restraint he shows when he knows flat-out fucking her will bring him more pleasure than anything is…just mind-blowing. But he wants to bring her pleasure and for a selfish man (as we learn he is through the other books and the start of this one), is sexy as hell.

There are books out there that probably have hotter scenes, but none of them were so memorable I can almost remember the exact wording, the exact sequence of events that led to it. That’s powerful writing and one day, when I grow up, I’ll do the same.

Kresley Cole, if you’re reading this, you’re my hero! I HEART you!

By the way, I’m leaving for Romantic Times Convention 2013 tomorrow. If you’re going, be sure to look for me at Ellora’s Cave’s Disco Inferno party on Wednesday night, the big ebook expo on Thursday, and the FAN-tastic Day Author Event on Saturday from 6:30 to 7:00.

The Human Condition

I love to read and most of the time, I stick with what I adore the most: romance. However, when I was thirteen, I decided to turn my attention to classic literature. From 9th grade to graduation from high school, I devoured every book my sister and brother-in-law (both at least 8 years older than me) had been forced to read for English.

As a result, I read Tess of the d’Ubervilles, To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, and a cold war novel I can’t recall at the moment. And really, To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all-time favorite works of literature. I guess because I saw myself a little as Scout with a younger brother, but that isn’t what book I’ve chosen to talk about today. No, there was one other book I read as a teenager that had a huge impact on me and still does.

I first read Lord of the Flies for my senior English class. I had a well-developed love for the written word by then and enjoyed reading. Unfortunately, our teachers were so focused on making us read that they spent little time on making us write, but in this one instance, the class was required to write an essay based on Lord of the Flies. Talk about intimidating! I would be attending college in less than five months and I was writing my first essay now? Thanks a lot. And to toss a book at me as well? Sheesh.

But the minute I cracked the spine on my tattered copy of Lord of the Flies, inherited from my older sister, I was caught. The story of Ralph, Jack and Piggy captured my imagination. I suppose all “natural born” writers are people watchers. We can’t help ourselves. By the way, that’s probably a great way to tag a writer. If they spend more time just sitting back and watching the world around them with a thoughtful expression, they’re either plotting a story or trying to figure out what that person is doing and why. Oh, why, why, why? Why do we do what we do? Why is that person walking with a limp? The list goes on and on and that’s why writers are people watchers.

Lord of the Flies dumps the reader right into chaos where the rules of society, the great unspoken things we know are taboo and try to avoid are thrown out the window. Rules don’t matter when you’re stranded, do they? Who’s going to enforce them? When you strip down the civilized human to animal instinct, it’s amazing what comes out. At least that’s what my seventeen-year-old mind was fascinated by. Were humans really so close to their animal sides? Was it just the powers that be keeping us from becoming uncivilized beasts satisfying our id?

This book inspired me to want to become a psychologist, to study the human brain even more.

Yeah, that didn’t happen, by the way. As with the human condition, put a sheltered teenager in a college setting, give them the legal right to drink and they turn into a party animal. So yeah, I guess our animals are closer to the surface than we as a civilization would like to think. However, I did get a degree in History, which is another type of study of the human condition, isn’t it? I’m still fascinated by the way people think and react and try to incorporate the lessons learned from reading books like Lord of the Flies into my work. Not in the same way, but as a way to demonstrate why people do the crazy things they do.

It also didn’t hurt that I’d watched the movie a few years before and had a horrible crush on Balthazar Getty. Rar. And no, it wasn’t disgusting because he’s actually a year older than I am 😛 And he grew up real nice.

Just A Lil’ Crush

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I have the smallest of crushes on a certain actor. And with good reason – he’s handsome, ripped and has the sexiest voice on the planet. But, you know, beauty is only skin deep and the cutest guy ever is just a cute guy unless there’s more to him than looks.

Cliff SimonMeet Cliff Simon. Cute, huh? This guy has been everywhere and done just about everything. Seriously. As a teen he was a gymnast and Olympic-standard swimmer. He’s been a lifeguard, a rescue scuba diver, and windsurfing and water-skiing teacher (something of a water baby, heh). He trained as an acrobat and performed all over the world, including a year at the Moulin Rouge. And he’s used those good looks to the max as a model in ramp, print and television commercials.

So far, so shallow? Perhaps, but there’s more to Cliff than performing for a camera. He’s an activist with Ocean Minded and sponsor for KarmaRescue (he used to foster, but recently adopted a dog on a full-time basis). Yeah, cute AND an animal lover – are you on-board yet?

Fine. You guy are such hard work!

But I can give you more, because Cliff is on Twitter. And he chats to his fans. He’s all the maturity of a 12 year old, but that’s precisely one of the reasons those fans love him. Nothing will snap you out of a funk like one of his goofy memes. Bad day? This guy will give you a hug, a pep talk and make you feel top of the world.

And he knows his fans. Yes, really. Guess who got an unprompted birthday wish? This girl (and no, I’ve not gotten over that even if it was three months ago). He’s incredibly generous, has a wicked sense of humour and is generally an all-round nice guy. Even if all the roles he gets are bad ones.

So yes, I have a little crush, but honestly don’t I have some pretty good reasons? Oh, fine, have him without a shirt. Shallow lot 😛

Misa Buckley is a sci fi geek who escapes the crazy of raising five children by creating imaginary characters who experience adventure, romance and really hot sex on their way to a happily-ever-after. You can keep up to date with Misa’s latest news by following her on Twitter or at her website.

Danica’s Sexy Men

Welcome back folks! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I did, but really? Were any of y’all ready for 2013? I wasn’t. *sigh*

So we’re talking about our favorite sex symbols. This was a tough one for me because it changes. What can I say? I don’t like to tie myself to one sexy man. I like options.

A few years ago (and even now), this would’ve been my first answer:

Oh Vin…with your deep voice like boulders grinding together, your buff, muscled, gleaming body and those silvery cat eyes…I loved you in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. Oh yes, you could spin me around in the mud all day long.








But then I went to see another movie and thus was born my obsession with Gerard Butler.

Oh Gerard…the minute I saw you with your full beard, your muscled torso and that…diaper thing, I was hooked. I watched you in 300, in The Ugly Truth, in Law-Abiding Citizen and I was in love.













But recently, I’ve discovered, not one but two new sex symbols who have forever won my admiration. Yes, I went to the movies this weekend and fell in instant lust with two Tolkien dwarves. (I’m squeeing right now because yeah, I’m going to see The Hobbit again.)

Richard Armitage as Thorin son of Thrain who made me realize that apparently I have a thing for men with beards and lots of hair. I knew this because of my crush on Rob Zombie a few years ago, but I thought I’d grown out of it. Apparently not:















Oh and I’m not forgetting the adorable and young-looking Kili, one of the twins. Oh when he and Fili knocked on Bilbo’s door…my heart went pitter-patter and I might have even sighed like a school girl checking out Justin..what’s his name? Bieber? Beiber? Whatever his name is. That’s how I felt about young Aidan Turner:










Yeah, most of my sex symbols are non-humans. What’s wrong with that? Most of them have facial hair that make them look as though they’d fit in perfectly on Duck Dynasty. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


Wishing You a Sexy New Year

Happy 2013! We’re going to ring in the new year with a few of our favourite sex symbols. Okay, several. Okay, so we couldn’t decide and went with five. But we figured you wouldn’t complain since pictures of gorgeous men are a known hangover remedy. *nods*

Matt Bomer. His husband is one lucky man!

Matt Bomer. His husband is one lucky man!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Oh yes, we can smell what The Rock is cooking!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Oh yes, we can smell what The Rock is cooking!

Ryan Gosling. Hey, girl. Happy new year.

Ryan Gosling. Hey, girl. Happy new year.

Sendhil Ramamurthy. Why yes, we'll join you for a lazy New Year's Day morning in bed.

Sendhil Ramamurthy. Why yes, we’ll join you for a lazy New Year’s Day morning in bed.

Tyler Hoechlin. He makes stubble an art form.

Tyler Hoechlin. He makes stubble an art form.

Okay, we couldn't resist one more! Teen wolf co-stars Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin being good to the slash fans. :D

Okay, we couldn’t resist one more! Teen wolf co-stars Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin being v.v. good to the slash fans.

Also, if you’re looking to start your year off right reading about sexy men having smoking hot sex, Leta and I are happy to tell you that the second book in our Tempting Tales series, Ascending Hearts, is available January 2nd! Check it out HERE! Or you can start with the first book in the series now! Earthly Desires can be purchased at Ellora’s Cave or at Amazon.

Happy new year, and here’s a sexy, fabulous 2013!



Keira Andrews and Leta Blake write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Earthly Desires, the first book in the series, available for purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and Ellora’s Cave. The second book in the series, Ascending Hearts, is out January 2nd through Ellora’s Cave with eventual availability through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, and others!

Dark Heroine of Lover Mine: Xhex

As is my norm, I’m beginning this post with a little MAN candy for all you MANhandlers out there. Someday I’m going to write a post that simply takes all my delicious photos, posts them in one entry and takes a poll to find out who you all like most. Until then, feast your lovely eyes to the left.

This blog post was remarkably hard to write. The dark heroine I wanted to write is one I can’t discuss because her story line was truly just revealed in a recent release. If you read what I wanted to talk about, it would have ruined it. So who to write about? I tossed characters around in my head until BAM! This particular woman knocked me to my knees for my stupidity. Who is she? Xhex from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB). Now, yes, I did actually write about another BDB character earlier, but this is different, I assure you. And yes, I am slightly obsessed with the BDB. Moving along…

Xhex is a kick-ass heroine who features in the books from almost the beginning of the series. An empath, she experiences others’ emotions and essentially feeds off of/gets her thrills from them. Suppressing her nature is something she struggles with, not unlike a drug addict might struggle with managing the craving for his next hit. To complicate things, Xhex works in a bar where emotions (particularly violence and lust) run rampant. Her job essentially provides her a nightly smorgasbord of emotions to feast on. It would be like putting a diabetic with a sweet tooth in front of a dessert buffet with all his favorites night after night. Eventually, something’s going to give.

Xhex is a complex character who has a variety of layers. This is the most appealing thing about dark heroes and heroines for me. They aren’t born to lead or save the damsel (or knight) in distress, and they are chock full of prickly characteristics–some hard to take and some flat out impossible to accept. But in there, inside that hard character, is a person waiting for redemption.

I often find it easier to relate to darker heroes and heroines because of their flaws. The perfect character is, to me, difficult to buy in to. She feels false, poorly fabricated even, and it makes it very difficult for me to slip into her shoes and walk that proverbial mile. But give me a heroine who can’t change the fact she has commitment issues due to a dark past or is unable to accept affection because she doesn’t feel worthy and you’ve usually grabbed my brain and dragged it into your story.

How do writers create characters like these? It’s not easy. These characters can, and often do, require a more complex, layered back story that gives the author both breadth and depth of flaws and emotions to draw from. It takes a plausible back story for the reader to accept the character as presented. The character has to have flaws and emotions delivered in a way that leaves the reader not only rooting for redemption, but also believing it’s possible. I know my anti-heroes and heroines have been the most challenging, and most fun, to write. Time will tell if I’ve done them justice.

So what about you? Who’s your ultimate anti-heroine? I could use some suggestions that can be used for character studies. She can be from literature, movies, television–your choice. I can’t wait to get your recommendations!

Dark Hero – Billy Burke of Revolution and Twilight Saga

I LOVE dark heroes, especially Billy Burke of new tv series Revolution and movies Twilight Saga. Isn’t he absolutely sexy???

Recently I’ve come to love this fellow on the tv series “Revolution”. The series is a post-catastrophe drama scenario about what happens to our civilization when the electricity is suddenly shut off all over the world. Very scary!!

“A group of revolutionaries must battle a governing dictatorial militia 15 years after an instantaneous global shutdown of all electronic devices known as the Blackout.” – IMBD

After the lights went out, our dark hero, Miles (Billy Burke of Twilight Saga) became a militia soldier, working for the bad guys, following orders, kidnapping and training new soldiers as well as killing people. When his teenage niece, Charlie comes looking for him to help her rescue her brother who has been kidnapped by some really bad guys, her uncle Miles, at first plays the dark hero to the hilt by refusing to help her. But then his hero side shines through and he’s off on excellent adventures along with his niece, his ex-flame and other bedraggled companions while they search for his 19 year old nephew.

As the series Revolution progresses we get a deeper look at Miles; at his guilt of killing people and his need to make amends. On several occasions he puts himself in danger, almost sacrificing his life to save others. He really is a cool dark hero. If you get a chance to watch the series, Revolution, you’ll get some good action. Give it a try, especially so you can watch my sexy Miles…yep he’s all mine, so hands off ladies!

If post-catastrophes are your thing – give my post-catastrophe erotic romance menage (m/f/mm) series “the Desperadoes” a try. It follows along similar lines of Revolution of what happens when the lights go out…The Pleasure Girl (Book1), In Her Bed (Book2), Be My Dream Tonight (Book3) at Siren Bookstrand.

Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for stopping by!!



A Little Wrath Goes a Long, Dark Way

For my fellow MANhandlers, I’m posting a picture of more delectable numiness. Feel free to ogle a bit before you move on to the post.

I’ll wait…

But, truly, I’ve got to move on…

C’mon, my friends, let’s talk about some serious sexy: the dark hero. (See? I got your attention. Devious writer, I am one.)

A great example, for me, is Wrath from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Wrath is a vampire torn between leading his people or rejecting the role of king. He has no interest in ruling and zero respect for humans, and this includes children sired by vampires on human women. He’s crass, unsophisticated and ginormously sexy. When he’s called on to step up and see a half-vampire child through her transition, he balks. Okay. That’s not true. His answer is basically, “Hell. No.” But circumstances intervene, Fate plays her cards and the dark hero is born.

What is it that’s so appealing about a dark hero? Is it his unwillingness to be a hero that makes him so desirable? Is it his ability to make me love him and loathe him in one paragraph–one sentence even? Or is it deeper than that? Maybe it’s the fact he seems irredeemable, and we worry he’s crossed the line too far into the dark to be pulled back to the light. Regardless of the “why” of it, the point is this: the dark hero appeals to us on a variety of levels, many of them deeply personal.

There’s something about a dark hero that absolutely flips my switch. I want to  know he’s walking that fine line of good and evil, and that both sides speak to him. He’s a richer character for his dark flaws, and there are a thousand reasons this could be true for each of us as both writers and readers. But what it comes down to, for me as an author is this: it’s the reader’s interpretation of what the hero is after the author sets out his proverbial “pros and cons” list that makes that character work/not work. When an author is able to create a hero you love to hate, to put on the page a fictional character you fantasize about or who makes you wish you were starring opposite him–the author’s done the job of pulling the reader in and done it well. I’m in the process of creating my own dark hero and let me tell you, it’s not easy. He’s the hardest character I’ve ever written, and dark heroes are sort of my specialty. Yeah, I’ve got a hang-up. I love them passionately, grandly and without apology.

Now I want to turn the tables and ask you who your Wrath is? Who’s (in case you missed my last post) your Cain? Don’t be shy. Jump in and let other readers know if there’s a character/series that does it for you. You never know when you might get them started on a new series they love. It’s how I found Wrath and all the luscious brothers. 😉  Thank you, J.R. Ward. Thank you.

Give me the Anti-Hero any Day…

I’ve been thinking about good guys, bad guys, and my favorite, dark heroes.  Years ago, the vampire/shifter/demon was the clear bad guy in the book.  Now, well, they’re the heroes.  Why?

I think it’s the attraction of the anti-hero.  I mean, a vampire is a clear anti-hero.  He lives by his own rules, he kills when necessary (and his idea of ‘necessary’ might be different from ours,) and he often has little interest in humanity.  But there is something in us, in our deep down romantic selves that wants to save the bad guy from himself.  To be the one who sees the good and somehow makes the hero see the good in himself. 

Don’t believe me?

Well now.  Let me ask you this.  Have you seen Phantom of the Opera?  If so…didn’t you root for the Phantom?  Just a little?  Yeah, he was murderous and probably insane.  But there was something so dangerous and sexy about him.  Could the right woman save him? 

Or, who was sexier—good Angel or bad Angel?  (Yes, we’re going back to Buffy and Angel times here).  But really.  Good Angel was sad, brooding, and even full of self-hatred.  Bad Angel was, well, funny.  Sarcastic, dangerous, and sexy as hell.  He knew what he wanted and he went out to get it.  Yeah, he had to go.  But while he was around, the show was at its best.

If you were living in Star Wars times…who would you choose?  Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker?  Luke was a good guy—honorable—selfless—sacrificing.  Hans wasn’t.  Yet when it comes to sexiness, there’s no comparison.  Why is that?  It’s because an anti-hero is the ultimate bad boy.  And we romantics sure like the bad boys, don’t we? 

How about a bad boy with a gun?  If you haven’t seen Timothy Olyphant in Justified yet, you really must.  He’s a U.S. Marshal who shoots a lot of people in ‘justified’ situations.  Yeah, he makes his own situations.

Rick Blain in Casablanca is often hailed as an anti-hero.  Sure, he’s selfish, sarcastic and rude.  But he’s revealed as a classic bad boy with a heart of gold.  Who makes the ultimate sacrifice for good.

So what is it about the bad boy?  He breaks the law, he makes his own laws, he even disregards the law.  But…when he loves…he does so completely.  The bad guy, the anti-hero, when he falls in love, his incredible power is focused completely and absolutely on that one woman.  Her safety, her happiness, becomes his goal.

Now that’s sexy.

A Down and Dirty Hero

It’s raining here in the Pac NW – like crazy.  So, besides writing, we’ve taken in a few movies lately.  I just went to Snow White and the Huntsman, and I enjoyed it.  Okay, I really enjoyed watching Chris Hemsworth in down and dirty warrior mode.  And Charlize Theron was amazing as the villain.  There’s nothing I love more than a good villain—well, except for a down and dirty hero.  🙂

But I did get to thinking…how has this story survived for so long?  The original Snow White was a German fairy tale from the early 1800s!  And yet, it’s on the silver screen yet again.  Is it the symbolism?  The red of blood and the white purity of snow?  Or is it the everlasting theme of good vs. evil?  Or is it the hero/heroine’s quest?

Maybe it’s all of the above.  You have large themes, horrible consequences if things go wrong…and hope.  And, good wins over evil. 

I mean, really.  What more could we want?

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