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Tina’s Give-Away and the Final Chapter on Introductions

Hello, hello, hello.

Welcome to Darker Temptations and this amazing collection of authors. Well, and my very first post. As this is an introduction, let me just put the kettle on so we can settle down for a good cuppa and a nice chat.

I’m a Brit who likes to travel. I’ve lived in Germany, in England and have (finally? for now? who knows;) settled in Toronto, Canada. I have a tea store in my cupboard and need the ability to boil water to survive. Even when I was in South Africa, with 40C in the shade, I couldn’t do without my obsess—my tea.

Out of all the places I have seen Japan and Alaska are probably my favourite. Japan is an incredible mixture of old and new. Within only a few steps you can see the latest in modern art and then set foot into a temple older than history. Certain experiences and discoveries may find their way into my next futuristic series. Lots of ideas, nothing confirmed yet:). I loved Alaska because of its wilderness. We have nothing like in Europe and hiking for half a day and only seeing two other people is just mind-boggeling;).

I’ve been a romance reader since I was a teen, discovering the genre with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and Johanna Lindsey and then moving on to every author I could lay my hands on. Of course I had plenty of stories in my head as well and finally started to write them down. Most of those stories will never see the light of day, but they led me to Galen and Nikolai, the heroes of my
first paranormal sci-fi novel Tangled Shadows. It is the first in a planned quartet. The second book, Tangled Hunger, is also available and book 3 is with my beta reader.

I love writing sci-fi. The possibilities are endless. You can reimagine and reinvent whole worlds. That is why I also love writing steampunk. You have certain parameters that should be followed, but you can add in all sorts of cool gadgets and amazing What Ifs. My first sexy steampunk novel,

Rescue by Ruin, comes out November 2nd.

Every reader is also a traveller. By opening a book you enter new worlds and experience whole lifetimes. If you could travel anywhere in time and space, where would you travel to?

At this point in time I would love to see Hawaii (sorry, too much Hawaii Five-O;) and the rainforest before it’s destroyed. I’d love to say I want to meet Elizabeth I or Queen Victoria, but I have to admit I love my creature comforts too much, so I would travel to the future.

You’ve hung in there and made it to the end. Here are the give-away details: I’m giving away a copy of your choice of Tangled Shadows, Tangled Hunger or, if you can wait a little, Rescue by Ruin to a commenter who tells me where and when she would like to travel to.

Thanks for visiting!


Tina Christopher Writer of Sexy Steampunk and Sensuous Sci-Fi available at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, and Kobo.

Intro Jan Springer & Giveaway


I’m Jan Springer and my dream job has always been writing. I got what I wished for because …years ago after a car accident that left me with whiplash and positional vertigo (still have it), my dream job became a necessary reality!

In order to pay the bills I write full-time and I love it. Currently I’m published with Ellora’s CaveSiren-BookStrand, Total E Bound and Pocket Books.

Some of my stories run on the dark side. My Desperadoes series is based on solar flares taking out our electrical grids with women having to do things they’d never dreamed of doing in order to survive. My Outlaw Lovers series gives a very dark glimpse into the future where women have lost all their rights and become nothing more than men’s possessions.

To take a look at my other hot and dark books give my website a try. Lots of books there.

I live and write in Ontario Canada, commuting between Oshawa and cottage country near Haliburton. Three huggable cats have adopted me. The oldest is Spunky, he’s 18, the middle is Emily, she’s 11 and the youngest is Chee Chee (who loves cheese) is 4.

I love photography, nature walks, gardening  and updating my website


So! What’s your dream job?

Are you living it, working on making it come true or just keeping it your dream for now?

Let me know in the comments section and I will pick a name to win a free pdf copy of Passionate Ink, my shapeshifter/tattoo/tentacle erotic romance. Winners names for prizes will be announced in a few days so don’t forget to check back!!


Thanks for joining us at Darker Temptations and until next time, Happy Reading!!


Scared? Have a Free Marshmallow.

Well, hello there.
I wasn’t expecting company.
Well, wait. Yeah, maybe I was.

My name is Regina Cole, and I’m an erotic romance author and marshmallow addict.

Wait, this isn’t a twelve-step meeting? Damn it. *checks calendar*

OH! Sorry! This is Darker Temptations! And this is my inaugural post, in which I introduce myself and give you nice things!

Well isn’t that embarrassing.

Ahem. Let’s start over.

Regina Cole. Erotic Romance Author for Ellora’s Cave. Loves marshmallows, dogs, and fishing. Hates people that tap on the glass of aquariums and badly fitting bras.

Here at Darker Temptations, the mood is somewhat, well, darker. Since I write everything from light contemporary to erotic horror, I’ll be trying to talk more about my darker stuff here, but be aware that I genre-bounce like the Dos Equis guy bed hops. So if I wander over into contemporary land, send one of my compatriots to yank me back.

I’ve been reading scifi, horror and fantasy since I had my first library card. I had a preteen love affair with Edgar Allan Poe, and I’ve never quite gotten over him. (I recited The Raven in a poetry competition in high school, and I make a pilgrimage to his hometown of Baltimore once a year. My husband claims that’s for a baseball game, but I can FEEL POE’S SPIRIT while I’m there. Rly. Srsly.)

But since my A #1 love is and always will be romance, I mash up these things with love stories, and so far, I think it’s going pretty well!

My fourth release with Ellora’s Cave, which should be coming out in the next few months, is an erotic paranormal romance. It’s the first book in an intended series, and is all about witches. Which make me happy.

But you’re supposed to get to know ME in this post, right? So, here goes. I’m a happily married twenty-something with two crazy dogs and a fat cat. I have a day job, a fish, and an ancient Honda SUV. My dream is to stay at home in my pajamas and write all day, every day. My family is crazy yet supportive, and I live in the deep, DEEP South, where possums are the primary roadkill and “liberal” is a dirty word.

I try to stay very, very quiet here.

If you’ve made it through the post thus far, you deserve something. A chance to win something cool, at least. So here’s what we’re going to do. All survivors can leave their comment below, and I’ll pick one lucky zombie to receive a copy of SINFUL TRUTH, my erotic horror romance from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

Isn’t that special? Don’t you feel like we know each other so well already? Aren’t you happy that I’m inviting you to my house-cleaning party this weekend?



Where’d you go?

Til next time, m’loves,

Regina Cole Happily Erotic After. Books available for purchase at Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

In the Upper Left Hand Corner

Good morning from the upper left hand coast of the USA where the sun has yet to peak over the bluff to the east of us. I’m Marcella. I’m in Seattle with my husband and four cats. Yes, the rumor is true. We do live aboard a sailboat year round.

  1. If ever we meet, I will know the names of your pets long before I know your name.
  2. I love conspiracy theories – good, bad, indifferent – I love the what if factor.
  3. Closely related to this, I adore science – yes, I stayed up until all hours watching the Mars Curiosity landing. Yes. I cried.
  4. I’ll watch science shows and read science books until I’m blue. This fact, combined with number 2 above means that I have seen and read some of the most spurious science available. (Most science books are quite good, but boy, there’s some real questionable stuff out there and when TV gets hold of science…just double check the facts before tucking them into a book.) HOWEVER. I will maintain that for my purposes, spurious science is almost as good as the reliable stuff. Because, again, it’s all about possibilities for me.
  5. I’m a tea snob – my first babysitter when I was a kid was British. She taught me to appreciate a stout cup of tea. I’ve never strayed.
  6. My final secret – tell no one, I think my confession is prosecutable in Seattle – I loathe coffee. Smells great, tastes like something that could replace battery acid.

I write science fiction romance for Berkley Sensation, though recently, I’ve branched out with a few submissions in UF and in straight fantasy. There’s even an erotica out there (Enemy Mine – an e-special novella).  My dad was in the Air Force. So I was born in Alaska then lived in: Nevada, Arkansas, Iceland, Idaho, California, Washington state, Nevada again, then back to Washington state, which is where my heart lies – although my heart would really, really like to give Hawaii a shot. I’ve developed a fondness for warm.

Both my husband and I love sailing. Our cats don’t. We spent five months last year cruising the Inside Passage (between the mainland of British Columbia and Vancouver Island). Just FYI: cats do get sea sick. Turns out, if the conditions are icky enough, so do I. We won’t be sailing around the world. Dealing with the realities of piloting a boat, dealing with ship’s systems and handling emergencies on the water find their way into my science fiction. I’m all about heroines I hope are smart and tough. I like putting them in horrible situations with no seeming possible happy ending, then I throw a bright, equally tough hero right in the path just to make things all the more difficult.

I, too, have a prize pack to offer – your pick of either of my novels: Enemy Within or Enemy Games, or if you prefer, the e-only erotica novella Enemy Mine and a $10 Amazon Gift card. Leave a comment telling me where *your* lies in the world – whether you live there or not! We’ll draw prizes beginning October 15th. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDY!! If you win, we actually want to be able to contact you.

Space is Dark. Right?

Someone forgot to check my references. It’s my only excuse for how a science fiction romance writer ended up keeping such excellent company as the authors you’re meeting here on Darker Temptations. I’m Marcella Burnard. I do write SFR for Berkley Sensation. I’m told it’s grim scifi, which perplexes me. Sure there’s blood and violence and sex (not all in the same scene – truly). I thought it was all in good fun. Rollicking adventure. Apparently, I should increase my medication dosages. Kidding.

The thing is – I don’t like pulling my punches. I love strong, capable heroines with brains and courage. I want them to have heroes who can give them a run for their money. The problem is that such a stellar pairing requires some pretty horrific odds to overcome if the couple is going to earn a happily ever after. How many of us, in real life, willingly change unless the pain of NOT changing overcomes our resistence? Right. In fiction, I just get to make that ‘pain’ = bloodthirsty aliens with a sinister agenda.

In my real life, I live aboard a sailboat with my husband and our felines. At the moment, I’m sitting aboard someone else’s boat while mine awaits a trip to dry land so I can spend a week scraping the marine life off the bottom. Yeah. That’s right. I live with a man and four cats in about 300 square feet. One the water. Except when that 300 square feet of living space isn’t in the water – it’s blocked up on dry land. No wonder I write about space ships, hostile environments and alien life forms. No wonder my editor says it’s all a little dark. She’s never had to sand barnacles off of fiberglass before.

Don’t think that won’t show up in a future book somewhere. Something must grow on spaceship hulls.

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