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Our Christmas Tradition

We must have the oldest Christmas glass lights on our street.  They date back many years…I am not sure how old they are and I wonder if the neighbors ever get sick of seeing the same lights (see below pic) year after year…but they sure are pretty.

In our family we tend to really stick to tradition. We still have some of the first glass Christmas tree ornaments my parents bought back in the 1960’s. If you drop them, that’s it, they smash apart and they are gone. So we have to be very careful. “Treat them like eggs”, my dad would say.


Before my dad had his devastating stroke,  he would drag us out into the woods or sometimes to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our own spruce Christmas tree. Then he would curse as he sawed the bottom of the tree, and trim the branches to make it fit into the house. He would continue his cussing while he strung the lights and then the ornaments and the silver tinsel, always wanting everything to look perfect.  But when the deed was done he would smile and say “this is the nicest tree we’ve ever had, don’t you think?” Without fail, he would say it every year. LOL

The following is a true story:

I remember one year we were at the cottage on a mission to find and cut down our perfect Christmas tree. We had plans to put it into the trunk of the car and bring it home. We drove along a secluded cottage road until we spied a good tree. That perfect tree just happened to be on the road outside the local dump.

Well, my dad didn’t want to get into trouble for cutting a tree so close to the road, so he put me as lookout to make sure no cars were coming…unfortunately before he could cut our tree, I saw an approaching car. We hopped into our car and sped off into the dump and waited until the coast was clear…as we waited we heard the car slow down on the main road. Heard the distinct sound of a car door slam, someone sawing, another car door slam and car leaving…huh.


When the car was gone we headed back out to the main road…and discovered our perfect Christmas tree was GONE! My dad was so not amused but after our shock wore off we laughed so hard. Talk about a weird coincidence that two parties would be out on the same road at the same time, on the same mission and eyeing the same tree! We did find another tree further down the road that year, but it just wasn’t the same. But we laughed all the way home that year.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Tradition post. 🙂

Hugs and Happy Holidays!!!


Three things I am grateful for

Three things I am grateful for.

On the top of my list of things to be greatful for are my readers! Your support is unwavering and it is because of you that I continue to write full-time to bring you stories to enjoy.

I am especially grateful over the last few days for my readers because of their support my latest indie-published story “Marley’s Menage” continues to rise on All Romance’s best seller list. Squeeeing! I love my readers and I am sending out a round of thanks and hugs to you all!!


MarleysMenage2500x1563 (2)

Two more things I am grateful for are my two cats – CheeChee and Emily Angel.

Even on the saddest of days all I need to do is look at them and they make me smile. Especially in August of this year after the passing of Spunky, my third cat. Chee Chee and Emily were here to help me grieve. When I needed a hug, CheeChee or Emily and sometimes both were always available. They keep me cheered. Pet owners will know exactly what I mean. *grin*

Here’s are their pictures:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove: The late great Spunky – 19 1/2 years old

Below are Spunky’s Girls:

Chee Chee – around 5 years

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEmily Angel – 12 years old



Contest!! plus…If You Could Live In Another Time…

If you could live in another time, what time would you like to live in? That’s the topic at Darker Temptations over the past couple of weeks and a question for me to ponder…

But first….Contest! Contest! See below for details on getting a chance to win a free pdf copy of Resistance – Outlaw Lovers!


Call me crazy but I would be interested in living sometime in the future, specifically during the times of my Outlaw Lovers series…about  seven plus years from now it would be a post-catastrophic time where most of the women have died from various illnesses and there are tons of men available.

Here’s a peek at how life would be like:

A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population and forced the creation of the Claiming Law. Groups of males have the right to claim a female as property…sexual property. With the Terrorist Wars over, the Outlaw brothers come home to declare ownership of their women…

I would be part of the “Resistance”. A ragtag group of people who are willing to fight to reinstate a democratic government and get rid of the newly formed dictatorship as well as the Claiming Law. I’d have my pick of hunky guys who believe in a woman picking her own man (or men) for her mates. And I would try like hell to avoid getting caught by the groups of men roving around looking to claim wives.

How about you? Do you have a wish to live in another time?

So, my contest question is…

For a chance at a free pdf ebook copy of “Resistance” send me an email with the first names of the three main characters (one female and two males) in the futuristic erotic romance “Resistance” part of my Outlaw Lovers series at Ellora’s Cave. 

Your answer can be found here:

A winner will be picked sometime over this weekend and their name will be posted here and I will contact them as well.

Contest deadline – midnight tonight – Friday September 27, 2013 E.T.

Good luck! Woot!

Books can be read in this series order (ebook formats)…1. Jude Outlaw   2. The Claiming  3. Colter’s Revenge  4. Tyler’s Woman  5. Resistance…..and in paperback format 1. Jude and Luke (contains Jude Outlaw & The Claiming) 2. Colter’s Revenge 3. Tyler’s Woman – no paperback version of Resistance available yet.

Also an update: Look for Toygasm , Attracted to Him and Attracted to Her releasing soon from Ellora’s Cave. Details can be found here:


And releasing soon – Marley’s Menage – Book 2 The Key Club from Spunky Girl Publishing –

MarleysMenage2500x1563 (4)

Happy Reading,

Jan Springer


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