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Bulletproof Kink-Two Are Fun, Three Or More Are HOT, HOT, HOT!

Hm, my bulletproof kink? Something I will read no matter what? The closest I come to that would be a menage story. I love the idea of two men (I’m good with up to three, after that it gets a little too much for me) and one woman. Having the complete attention of two or three men? Very exciting. Their touch, their kiss, their every move with one goal in mind-to get her flying so high she never comes down.

I like it best when the men share a relationship, for me that gives it that extra kick. There is just something sensual about her watching her two strong men together. Hm, I wonder if there is a touch of a voyeur in me…;). But the two men together is not a must. The one thing it has to have is a happy ending for EVERYONE. I am not a big fan of the third who just joins in for a few kicks and giggles. It can be sexy, but somehow I always feel sorry for the one who then watches the couple walk down the aisle.

Still, I need to enjoy and like the characters, and the story has to be plausible. No deus ex machina (or deus ex macarena as a friend calls it;), no TSTL and no So-Alpha-He’s-A-Jackass hero. And the words need to be good, just as Denise said;). The sex scenes need to flow (no trying to figure out where her leg is and how his hand ended up there).

That’s my kink in the reading arena…on a more personal note I am with Anya and Sabrina. Things change throughout your life and whatever you do, it has to be done well;).

The second thing I check out on a man, after the sexy abs or the cute smile, whatever captured my attention first, are his hands. I love long fingers with clean nails. No matter how absolutely gorgeously hot the body is, if the fingernails are long or dirty, it turns me off. And I’m not talking about a mechanic who’d scrubbed his fingers, but couldn’t get everything off. I’m talking about not caring, about being unkempt.

But when he has those long, strong fingers, maybe with a slight roughness to them? Oh-la-la! Imagining them stroking across my skin and other parts of my body…

Is there something your other half has to have?

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