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Lost Time

DSCN0224You know how it goes. You’re traveling a desolate road in the evening. No one else in sight. Suddenly, there are lights in the sky. Your car engine sputters. The vehicle shakes. Stops. And the lights get brighter. Closer.  (Photo from June’s Super Moon over Seattle)

And suddenly, you aren’t in Kansas anymore.

When you’re returned to your car, your watch and the clock in the car don’t match up. You’ve lost time. In this case, I’m not claiming to have been abducted by aliens.

This is what happens when I get sucked into conspiracy theories, evidence for UFOs, and alien abduction stories on the interwebs.

One of the first and one of my favorites is Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know. The subjects are varied and the guys doing the show have great, deadpan delivery. The episode on fluoride was creepy as hell.

Another potential creep-fest is AnonymoUFO.

Not only do they post compilations of the best UFO footage by month and year, at the foot of their homepage, they embed a number of TV shows documenting things like alien abduction stories (high on drama, no clue how high the verifiable reporting quality might be…but still, it’s all about the fun and the idea generation for the scifi writer.)

Oh, sure, I get sideswiped by Twitter, FB, and lately, Tumblr. But my self-discipline seems relatively good when it comes to those. It’s when I start down the tainted, murky rabbit hole of the totally bizarre that I truly lose myself and all sense of time passing.

What am I missing? Is there a UFO Tumblr? Where else should I be looking for the odd and inexplicable? While you help lead me further astray, I’ll just meander off to check out the TED Talks Sabrina linked to.

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