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The Young Adult Move

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Im here and ready for the summer to start. I can’t wait to finish up at least two of my current works in progress. This week my school is doing the end of the year Scholastic BOGO event. I love this book fair. In the gym lobby we set up the middle school age book fair. In between classes I’ve been studying the books we have for young adult. What im seeing is a shift from vampires and werewolves to science fiction and post apocalyptic books. While I love vampires and weres I am so thrilled about the shift. I LOVE science fiction and admit the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy had me up all night reading it.

I have so many ideas for young adult science fiction and post apocalyptic stuff that now my summer to be written list is growing fuller and fuller. Yayyyyy!!

So what are you’re summer plans and what do you predict for the next shift in young adult?

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