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A New Release and Sexy Gods…

I have to share some exciting news before moving on to the yummy part of this post;).

Danger by Dalliance, my erotic historical with steampunk elements, released last week. Come by my blog by end of day today and comment for a chance to win either a steampunk inspired necklace and earrings or a free copy of the book. Your chances are very good;).

Danger by Dalliance medium

Sarah Rigdon is desperate. Penniless with taxes due, she can either beg mercy from the ruthless tax collector or turn to the last man she wants to ask for help. Archer Latimer stirs desires no proper lady would ever admit to. Though their meetings always end in quarrels, she can’t deny the heat between them. When he agrees to help, Sarah thinks her luck has turned. But she should have known nothing with Archer is ever easy.

Archer and his lover Warren Dorvee have spent years searching for the right woman to complete their family. Both believe luscious Sarah is the one and now have a chance to pursue her. After all, the price of Archer’s help is for Sarah to pose for Warren’s latest painting. Nude.

But trust has to be earned and a crisis in London threatens their love. The three must navigate through lust, lies and secrets or risk being torn apart forever.

Inside Scoop: Contains m/m, GLBT and ménage.



Now onto the delicious part: I went through a phase when I read everything that wasn’t nailed down about the different pantheons Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Japanese, it didn’t matter. But I got frustrated with their behaviour. The majority of them appear to be selfish and only interested in things that entertain them. It seemed as if the poor human who got involved in one of their ploys had to struggle to stay alive and usually ended up worse than they started;).

Still, that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy a fine specimen of a God and the delicious actors who play them:










Kevin McKidd as Poseidon and Sean Bean as Zeus in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.







Nathan Fillion as Hermes in Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

(if you haven’t seen this movie, see if youtube has the scene with Hermes. He makes a number of inside jokes that leave his fans in stitches;)












Kevin Sorbo as Hercules…even if he is just a demi-god;)









Of course, I couldn’t leave without mentioning Tom Hiddleston as Loki or *drumroll please*












Chris Hemsworth as Thor…he really should burn all his shirts;).

Who is your favourite TV or movie god?

Bullet-Proof Kink: Unresolved Sexual Tension

TV Tropes says UST is when “two people are obviously attracted to each other, but some element of the story is keeping them apart” and it’s a comment trend in a lot of television shows. It’s also something I adore, and why I tend to get aboard many shows.

CastleTake Castle. It took four seasons for Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to finally get on the same page, during which time the audience was subjected to different boyfriends, girlfriends, chronic misunderstandings, near-misses and a couple of near-death experiences.

It drove fans mad, but the pay-off was hugely successful, with the writers managing to avoid what’s commonly known as “the Moonlighting effect” – where the show dies once the main couple gets together. Since I’m in the UK and therefore behind, I’m not sure if they are still together, but I certainly hope so.

But after the trials and tribulations of Richard and Kate, why would anyone choose to put themselves through yet another couple in the throes of UST? Well, since this series of blog posts is about “bullet-proof kink”, it has to be obvious that UST is one thing that I personally can’t get enough of.

deathinparadiseI love the to-and-fro of a slowly building relationship, the one-step-forward and two-steps back. Even when it’s so, so frustrating, when done right, there’s always a little something to take from each interaction, each near-miss. And so I’m perfectly willing to have boarded yet another ‘ship, this time set in the glorious sunshine of the Caribbean and on the sandy beaches of the very wonderful Death In Paradise.

Will DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) ever get over his terrible Englishness and do something about his DS, the very beautiful Camille Bordey (Sara Martins)? I certainly hope so, but after two short series, there’s not been a whole lot of progress made. And there’s another nine months or so before the third one airs.

But despite the lack of ground made, when it does air again, I’ll be sat on the sofa watching whatever happens because, at the end of the day, UST is something few television shows get wrong (and I really want them to get together!)

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