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Cowboys vs. Demons

Hello all! Today I want to give you all a look at my brain. No, not literally, though that might be less scary! The last few months I’ve been “working” on a romantic suspense novel that falls into the cowboy/western realm. I love writing about cowboys. But for some reason this series of demons I had planned to write about have been pounding my brain and kicking me in the temples. They’re nasty little creatures who I will be more than glad to kill off in a book or two.

So, while I’ve been battling the little brats my mind has wandered away from my cowboy. Which I should mention was in the middle of a very hot, steamy, about to be a very happy man scene. He’s been stuck for about a week now and well, I don’t see him getting unstuck anytime soon.

For one, Halloween is coming, so of course my demons are really going into overdrive. They really want their stories written. Me, I just want to decorate my yard, gate, house, trucks, basically anything that stays still long enough for me to decorate. My hubs came home yesterday, walked around the yard and just shook his head. He asked if I had enough Halloween stuff out and of course I said, “Nope.”

But I won’t lie, I am the biggest chicken you’ll ever meet. While I am trying to push the little evil creatures back in their closet in my mind, I’ve been planning all these Halloween events I want to attend. Now, forty-five miles away I can hear Cynthia Eden’s eye roll and laughter. She knows I will plan these things and then back out hours before they are set to start. I’m such a chicken!!

Yet, Halloween is the right time to break out movies like The Goonies, Hocus Pocus, and Practical Magic. These movies really get my imagination going. My mind takes the stories on screen and the untold ones and really runs with it.

I mean, Nicole Kidmans character was just left to be alone with her Aunts in Practical Magic, what happened next?? And what about the Aunts? Who were their loves? What happened to them? I so want to know more.

And Hocus Pocus is one of my favorites because of Zachary Binks. Oh poor guy trapped in a cat’s body for 300 years! Poor thing. What would happen if a witch came along and changed him back to human form for one night, Halloween night? Oh the possibilities are endless!!

See, my paranormal stories are killing off my cowboys as I type this post! But you know what, my cowboys are fighting back. Now I must go and referee them. Oh the life of a writer, my poor kids and husband! You just get a glimpse of what they have to deal with 🙂

And inspired by the goodwill of the authors of Entangled, I would like to remind everyone that if we all can do just one good deed a day we can make a difference in someones life. For me, I try to donate a book to my children’s library, take can foods to the food bank, or donate a dollar to a local charity. Even a kind smile to a stranger can make more of a difference than you will ever know.

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