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Roberts and Mice and Men, oh my!

Nora Roberts really knows her shit.

I mean, this isn’t late breaking news for anyone who’s read a Robert’s or Robb novel. They wring out your emotions, make you laugh and cry and sympathize with characters you didn’t think you would at the beginning. You can’t go into any romance section without seeing rows and rows of Nora novels, even though bookstores are downsizing.

I’ve seen Nora speak a handful of times, and each time someone asks how she writes, she holds strong to her mantra:

Sit your ass in the chair and write.

Each time she says it, I nod, agreeing that a book can’t be written if you don’t put in the time. Duh, right? You can’t get thin by sitting on the couch. You can’t learn to play sports without getting out there and doing them.

This month I’m reciting her mantra…

I’m smashed under a deadline. Vampires ofCrimsonBay#3 is due in May. I’m…not behind, per se, but I’m definitely not cooling my heels drinking Long Islands. I have to write 1500 words each day in order to meet the deadline which would leave a week or so for edits. Usually that kind of pace would be no problem for me, but this book is heavier than the rest. There’s more at stake. It’s the end of a certain villain and the beginning for a new breed of paranormal creature. (Can’t give too much away!)

I’m finding it beyond difficult to meet my daily word count and distractions are everywhere. (Hello closets, you look like you could use a spring cleaning!) It’d be easy for me to lax on my word count and take off for the weekend now that the weather in Northern Cali has put on its happy face. Instead, I sit my ass in the chair and chug through the words. It’s slow going. It’s give-you-a-headache hard. (Writing is HARD folks, who knew?)

While some days I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, those words are adding up. I’m at 64k (approx 210 pages) and to be honest, I’m not sure how I got there so quickly. Wasn’t I just sloshing through 40k?

All I know is, even on days when the writing is sluggish and the words don’t seem to fit into the puzzle just so, I keep going. I sit my ass in the chair and what do you know…the book takes shape.

When the writing is sunshine and wildflowers, it’s easy to sit in the chair and pump out a chapter or two. When the writing is quicksand…that’s when the men are separated from the mice.

So sit your ass down, leave your closets alone, and get that book done.

Nora Roberts really knows her shit.

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