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Better late than never…

And, for once, my caption doesn’t refer to me being late to post!

For us Canadians Thanksgiving has already gone, but there’s never a bad time to count one’s blessings! For me this is actually a particularly good time, since we just had a loss in our family so profound I’m still trying to come to terms with it. When you lose someone you love with all your heart so many emotions come to the forefront it’s sometimes hard to sort through them. But one thing that usually happens too is that you learn how important the people and systems you’ve built are, just by the support you receive.

So, in honor of my dear brother, here are the three things I’m most thankful for today.

Ann Aird

Me, at about two- or three-years-old

I’m thankful for my past. This isn’t something I’m usually thankful for, because it’s a checked, rollercoaster ride of profound highs and lows, and I’ve often looked back at parts of it with confusion, regret and even shame. Yet it gave me the family I have, the friends I love and the memories that make me smile, even when I feel like crying. I’m glad to be at a stage in life where I can now appreciate who I am, rather than constantly wanting to be someone, or something else. The past made me this person, honed my talents and gave me my perspective on life, and so I give thanks for it.

Sable, aka Beansie-Pup

Moe butt warm

Moe last winter, warming her butt

That probably seems like an all-encompassing kind of thankfulness, but I’m also thankful for my present. The here and now. My hubby, who is my rock and soft place to fall. My kids, who have grown into adults I truly enjoy being around. Even my furry friends, both of which seemed to know that ‘Mummy’ needed some extra attention over the last few days. The friends, old and new, who rallied around and carried me through. I’m even thankful for Facebook, without which it would have been almost impossible to connect with everyone and also express some of my emotions. That last one is one for the books, since everyone knows social networking isn’t usually my favorite thing!

And lastly, I’m grateful for whatever the future will bring. No matter what that is. If I can feel joy or sorrow, happiness or fear, it means I’m alive and that’s enough.

Peace and love!

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