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Danica’s Sexy Men

Welcome back folks! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I did, but really? Were any of y’all ready for 2013? I wasn’t. *sigh*

So we’re talking about our favorite sex symbols. This was a tough one for me because it changes. What can I say? I don’t like to tie myself to one sexy man. I like options.

A few years ago (and even now), this would’ve been my first answer:

Oh Vin…with your deep voice like boulders grinding together, your buff, muscled, gleaming body and those silvery cat eyes…I loved you in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. Oh yes, you could spin me around in the mud all day long.








But then I went to see another movie and thus was born my obsession with Gerard Butler.

Oh Gerard…the minute I saw you with your full beard, your muscled torso and that…diaper thing, I was hooked. I watched you in 300, in The Ugly Truth, in Law-Abiding Citizen and I was in love.













But recently, I’ve discovered, not one but two new sex symbols who have forever won my admiration. Yes, I went to the movies this weekend and fell in instant lust with two Tolkien dwarves. (I’m squeeing right now because yeah, I’m going to see The Hobbit again.)

Richard Armitage as Thorin son of Thrain who made me realize that apparently I have a thing for men with beards and lots of hair. I knew this because of my crush on Rob Zombie a few years ago, but I thought I’d grown out of it. Apparently not:















Oh and I’m not forgetting the adorable and young-looking Kili, one of the twins. Oh when he and Fili knocked on Bilbo’s door…my heart went pitter-patter and I might have even sighed like a school girl checking out Justin..what’s his name? Bieber? Beiber? Whatever his name is. That’s how I felt about young Aidan Turner:










Yeah, most of my sex symbols are non-humans. What’s wrong with that? Most of them have facial hair that make them look as though they’d fit in perfectly on Duck Dynasty. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


Winners and Villains

I know I’m a little late. I have a perfectly good reason for it too. I was flying home from RomantiCon and then had to regale everyone with pictures and stories. Don’t worry, you can learn about what happened at the convention over at my personal blog, Unearthly Musings.

But today isn’t all about me. You want to know if you’ve won anything in the awesome giveaway we’ve held the last couple of weeks. Well, here goes…

Lindsey E has won the swag pack from me.

Junegirl won the prize from Sabrina.

Tina B. won Denise’s prize.

Lyndsay Avalon won Marcella’s goodies.

June M won the prize from Regina.

Vanessa N. and Joanne B won Virginia’s prizes.

Suzlyne won Anya’s goodies.

Urb won Leta and Keira’s gifts.

Teresa won Viki and Jan’s prizes.

Linda Larsson won Tina’s prize.

Congrats, y’all! The bloggers should be contacting you via the email addresses you provided to get information for your prizes. Don’t worry, this isn’t the last giveaway we’ll ever have. I’m pretty sure we’ll be throwing out prizes left and right.

So now for the meat of the post. We already talked winners, but what about sinners? Or rather villains? I love a good villain, the guy who everyone can’t help but hate, yet find strangely compelling at the same time.

I have a couple of villains that just work for me. Riddick from Pitch Black is awesome in my opinion. He’s a bad guy. He knows it. You know it. Everyone knows how kick ass he is. And yet, you can’t help but think how perfect he is for the environment the stranded people find themselves in. He becomes the most unlikely hero because of his villainous past and tendencies. Yes I’m aware he’s more of an anti-hero, but he does it for me. And not just because he’s seriously stacked.

The other villain that always gets my goat is Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. He’s lethal. He’s intelligent. He’s even snarky and amusing at times, but you can never forget he’s downright creepy. There’s a part of me that finds him the scariest character in any movie, probably because he doesn’t seem to move very fast or act in haste. Everything is so well thought out and he leaves no room for mistakes. You just know he could skin you alive in a thrice and not think anything of it.

I’ll never be able to hear the phrase quid pro quo without thinking of him immediately.

Have you seen these two movies? What do you think of these villains?

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