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My Kind of Halloween

I don’t have children. I have relatives who have children and I’ve done the trick or treating thing with them. Most of the time though, I stay home on Halloween with the lights off and wait for that magic moment.

I was in college the first time I saw it. My best friend and I rented a movie called The Rocky Horror Picture Show and were instantly hooked. We watched it every Halloween after that. We even attended parties where everyone performed the Time Warp. We had the audience participation down pat and shouted at every chance. We dressed up like characters from the movie. She was Columbia since she had shorter hair and had taken dancing when she was a kid. I was Magenta since I had the long hair and no problem with a lot of eyeliner.

That was well over ten years ago, but every Halloween I feel the antici……pation of the movie. I wait and start brushing up on the songs. I make sure to turn all the lights out so I can curl up on my sofa and lose myself in the world of Brad and Janet and Frankenfurter. I sing along at the top of my lungs and every time this scene comes up, I have to leap off the sofa and dance the Time Warp again.

Do you shiver…..with antici……pation? 😉

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