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Fairy Tales-The Darker, The Better

I love fairy tales! When I was about nine or ten I went through every fairy tale book I could lay my hands on. My mum had to take me to the library and the book store on a regular basis. In the end I had a lovely collection.

The Disney films were okay, but I usually found them a little boring and too sweet, especially if I’d read the original version.

Brothers Grimm and Hans Christina Andersen were a regular staple. I loved the adventures and the fact that evil always got its come-uppance. No matter what, good would always triumph. I think my need for a HEA started there;). Then I received a copy of a book of Russian Fairy Tales. It had cloth binding and black figures were stencilled into the red cover. It also had a red ribbon as a bookmark. I was in heaven. I also realised the stories were quite violent and scary, but in an abstract manner. Family members would die, limbs would come off and the hero would sometimes reach the heroine only moments after something horrible happened.

And it didn’t matter!

I still went to bed reading fairy tales. I mentioned it to my mum and she wore her concerned face. I had to reassure her that it didn’t have bad dreams.

Unfortunately I grew older and fairy tales moved more and more into the background. Reading all these great posts has reminded me how much I loved fairy tales. It has also made me dig out my e-reader and the free copy of Japanese Fairy Tales. Looking at the fabulous stories from an adult point of view I believe a country’s fairy tales shows some of the attitude and way of life of a culture.

I love it when someone takes a well-known fairy tale and reinvents it.

Fairy tales are amazing and great for every age. They are available all over the place. Take a moment, sit down and read a tale, either one you remember fondly or try something completely different.

And above all: have fun!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates and have a great weekend.

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