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Richard Gere and Julia Roberts!

My Favorite Sex Symbols are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.


Richard Gere and Julia Roberts! I have loved these two actors ever since seeing the movie Pretty Woman. Is my age showing? Richard Gere, hot and sexy, and oh such a yummy grin when he smiles. The man is absolutely to die for.  And Julia Roberts is so pretty and she has such a unique personality that she just draws me into whatever movie she is starring in.

dark tempPretty_woman_movie

I have loved Richard Gere in the movies, Nights in Rodanth and Unfaithful (both movies opposite Diane Lane) but my all-time most favorite movie starring Richard Gere has been “Shall We Dance”. He was soooo sexy in that movie. Sexy and vulnerable and so cute! He plays opposite Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez. He’s a bored lawyer who decides to secretly learn ballroom dancing. His wife (played by Susan Sarandon) becomes suspicious after Richard Gere begins coming home with a smile on his face. He seems happier…so she hires a private eye to follow Richard Gere around. The private eye sees him with Jennifer Lopez who plays his ballroom dance instructor.  I won’t say more because I don’t want to give more away, but the story is fun!

Every Christmas my mom and I watch this movie and probably a couple of times through the year too.  Mainly because Richard Gere is so damned hot! If you haven’t seen the movie “Shall We Dance” – try it out.


My favorite female sex symbol is Julia Roberts – she is just the sweetest, sexiest woman. I have used her as an inspiration for many of my heroines in my novels. (Same with Richard Gere)

I really enjoyed watching her in the movies Sleeping With the Enemy, Mona Lisa Smile and Eat Love Pray.  My favorite all time movie which I thought she was the sexiest was in “Sleeping with the Enemy”. She was so vulnerable as she played an abused woman who fakes her own death and moves to a small town where she befriends a good looking guy. But she’s still raw from the abuse and has a hard time allowing the man close to her.  Patrick Bergen plays her abusive husband and his performance as the villain is spectacular. This guy freaks me out and scares me!


Despite all the years that have passed, these two actors remain my all-time favorite sex symbols. I can’t see myself ever falling out of love with them.

Who are your favorite male and female sex symbols?



Sexy Overload

For some reason writing this blog post was hard. Maybe it’s because the older I get is the more sex symbols I acquire. You know what I mean—just because a person gets older, or I get older, doesn’t mean I drop that hottie from the sexy-as-hell list. So, in my case, there were too many to choose from—old hunks, fictional hunks, young hunks—and my brain started going into overdrive. “Danger, danger! System overload…”

Then I suddenly realized there was something most of my sex symbols have in common…they all move. No, no, not like get up and walk across the room. I mean they REALLY move—dance or fight or do martial arts—something physically demanding and utterly awesome. Some of them aren’t even handsome in a traditional sense but, damn, who cares with the moves these guys can do? So, here I present a small, eclectic sampling of my acquired sex symbols from past to present, and I hope you enjoy!

(Follow the links for more information and pictures.)

Mikhail Baryshnikov

I knew almost nothing about ballet when I saw the movie, The Turning Point, but afterwards I was hooked—on Baryshnikov. How could he get his body into those positions? I wanted to know…personally…up close…very, very close…

Adrian Paul (Highlander series)

There’s something about a man in a trench coat, carrying a sword that’s irresistible, and when that man is Adrian Paul (“Duncan MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod.” *sigh*), I’m done…or undone might be the more accurate phrase. To make it worse he not only wields a sword but does martial arts and dances a mean tango too. Yum!! Yes, when I see the reruns I desperately want to put him in a pair of low-slung jeans, but even with his waistband up way too high he’s still hot!

Worf (Star Trek, The Next Generation)

Forget about the ridged forehead (although that could get interesting…just sayin’), have you seen that Klingon use a Bat’leth? Now, don’t get me wrong, if Michael Dorn came to my door as himself there would be no turning him away. Just his voice alone is enough to do it for me. But if he turned up as Worf? The hubby might have a hard time getting me back!

Jet Li

O.M.G. There are a host of martial arts experts in the movie industry and I enjoy most of them, but Jet Li is the man for me. He’s cute, cut and has the nicest Chinese accent, but it’s the moves, people. The moves! There is a scene in the movie The One where Jet does a standing side kick that Rocks. My. World. every time I see it. Not to mention how he saved his daughter’s life during the tsunami in 2004. *melt*

Channing Tatum

I’m old enough to know better but hold on to your drawers…didya see Magic Mike? Can that boy move or WHAT? Good actor, cute guy, really nice body, but it was when I saw him shaking it on the stage that my head went up and I was like WHOA…

So there’s a tiny taste of my sexy list. Have you found there’s a common thread running through your list of hot men or women? On January 8th Sabrina admitted brains is what gets her going…what’s your top criteria??

Journeys Through Seduction

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I Can’t Have Just One

Pick *a* sex symbol? Singular? That’s nuts. I can’t do it. Part of my problem is that I very rarely like a whole package. Yes. I know that sounds filthy. Take as you will. Some days, it IS filthy.

I seemrickman to be attracted to aspects of different guys. I’m a sucker for a wicked twinkle in a man’s eye and a sense of humor to match.This can be hard to find in someone who isn’t a certifiable psychopath, but look at John Cleese and Bill Murray and, even when he’s playing deliciously despicable bad guys, Alan Rickman.

Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr. gets that same gleam in his eye.

Nathan Fillion

It was the first thing I fell head over heels for Nathan Fillion for in Firefly. Then he turned out to be an incurable geek and I fell all the harder, but that’s another, deeply uncool issue.

A sculpted expanse of masculine physique is all well and good and enjoyable. The – er – artistic value alone, you know.  The problem is that I could go on adding photos all day – which means I wouldn’t meet my word count goals for the new novel in progress.

It would have been an easier assignment to post about guys I just don’t find at all attractive or sexy. MUCH shorter list. If only because I think that everyone has *something* about them. Thank the Gods, right? That means there’s hope for a fashion victim, girl geek like me. <G>

Danica’s Sexy Men

Welcome back folks! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I did, but really? Were any of y’all ready for 2013? I wasn’t. *sigh*

So we’re talking about our favorite sex symbols. This was a tough one for me because it changes. What can I say? I don’t like to tie myself to one sexy man. I like options.

A few years ago (and even now), this would’ve been my first answer:

Oh Vin…with your deep voice like boulders grinding together, your buff, muscled, gleaming body and those silvery cat eyes…I loved you in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. Oh yes, you could spin me around in the mud all day long.








But then I went to see another movie and thus was born my obsession with Gerard Butler.

Oh Gerard…the minute I saw you with your full beard, your muscled torso and that…diaper thing, I was hooked. I watched you in 300, in The Ugly Truth, in Law-Abiding Citizen and I was in love.













But recently, I’ve discovered, not one but two new sex symbols who have forever won my admiration. Yes, I went to the movies this weekend and fell in instant lust with two Tolkien dwarves. (I’m squeeing right now because yeah, I’m going to see The Hobbit again.)

Richard Armitage as Thorin son of Thrain who made me realize that apparently I have a thing for men with beards and lots of hair. I knew this because of my crush on Rob Zombie a few years ago, but I thought I’d grown out of it. Apparently not:















Oh and I’m not forgetting the adorable and young-looking Kili, one of the twins. Oh when he and Fili knocked on Bilbo’s door…my heart went pitter-patter and I might have even sighed like a school girl checking out Justin..what’s his name? Bieber? Beiber? Whatever his name is. That’s how I felt about young Aidan Turner:










Yeah, most of my sex symbols are non-humans. What’s wrong with that? Most of them have facial hair that make them look as though they’d fit in perfectly on Duck Dynasty. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


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