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Richard Gere and Julia Roberts!

My Favorite Sex Symbols are Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.


Richard Gere and Julia Roberts! I have loved these two actors ever since seeing the movie Pretty Woman. Is my age showing? Richard Gere, hot and sexy, and oh such a yummy grin when he smiles. The man is absolutely to die for.  And Julia Roberts is so pretty and she has such a unique personality that she just draws me into whatever movie she is starring in.

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I have loved Richard Gere in the movies, Nights in Rodanth and Unfaithful (both movies opposite Diane Lane) but my all-time most favorite movie starring Richard Gere has been “Shall We Dance”. He was soooo sexy in that movie. Sexy and vulnerable and so cute! He plays opposite Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez. He’s a bored lawyer who decides to secretly learn ballroom dancing. His wife (played by Susan Sarandon) becomes suspicious after Richard Gere begins coming home with a smile on his face. He seems happier…so she hires a private eye to follow Richard Gere around. The private eye sees him with Jennifer Lopez who plays his ballroom dance instructor.  I won’t say more because I don’t want to give more away, but the story is fun!

Every Christmas my mom and I watch this movie and probably a couple of times through the year too.  Mainly because Richard Gere is so damned hot! If you haven’t seen the movie “Shall We Dance” – try it out.


My favorite female sex symbol is Julia Roberts – she is just the sweetest, sexiest woman. I have used her as an inspiration for many of my heroines in my novels. (Same with Richard Gere)

I really enjoyed watching her in the movies Sleeping With the Enemy, Mona Lisa Smile and Eat Love Pray.  My favorite all time movie which I thought she was the sexiest was in “Sleeping with the Enemy”. She was so vulnerable as she played an abused woman who fakes her own death and moves to a small town where she befriends a good looking guy. But she’s still raw from the abuse and has a hard time allowing the man close to her.  Patrick Bergen plays her abusive husband and his performance as the villain is spectacular. This guy freaks me out and scares me!


Despite all the years that have passed, these two actors remain my all-time favorite sex symbols. I can’t see myself ever falling out of love with them.

Who are your favorite male and female sex symbols?



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