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It’s a Dragon’s Life For Me!

When I saw the theme for the blog this time I didn’t even have to think for a second: Dragon all the way!

Dragon is my Chinese zodiac, but even before that I have always been drawn to dragons. I love their mixture of infinite wisdom and brutal aggressiveness, the way they can be an amazing guide for a hero/heroine on a quest or the ferocious obstacle. They are hard to kill and can fly. I hate, and I mean HATE, flying in a metal can. Despite that I jumped out of one of those tin cans a few years ago and found myself amazed at the beauty and peace high up in the air. You just hang there on your parachute and nothing touches you. I imagine flying as a dragon would be similar. And who wouldn’t love a massive treasure to sit on…

I love dragon jewellery! Everywhere I travel I seem to pick up another pendant;). Let me share some of my obsession with you:


I bought the first two on a trip to Rome. I am not quite sure, but I think the third I bought in London and the fourth is from a fabulous store in Montreal.


These two Jade dragons I bought in Hong Kong last year. I really should make a decision on what kind of necklace I want with them, silver or gold, and add the little loop for it. Lol, I went to visit my friend Victoria Davies and she asked more than once why I kept looking for dragons. I didn’t really have an answer;).


And this one is from a cool store in Vancouver China Town.

There is just something about the sinuous lines of a dragon that pull me in.

What is your favourite jewellery?

Shifting into a Prickly Porcupine!

We’ve been chatting about what we would like to shift into…and the first animal that popped into my mind was a porcupine!

I think that would fit my mood lately…me being so prickly and all. LOLOL

porcupine cute

Porcupines produce quills…Once when my dad and I went on a road trip, we popped into Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. We hiked up to the Plain of Six Glaciers’ tea house near Lake Louise (see pic below). There was a lady there who was selling the most gorgeous porcupine quill jewelry.  They looked similar to these at this link and below pic of earrings.

LULU FROST "All American" Jewelry Shoot


Besides a fantastic view, the tea house had the best tasting chocolate cake and tea that I ever tasted. Apparently they bring in the food via packs on the backs of horses along the same trails the hikers come up…and I love hiking too so I would like to hang around this place if I was a porcupine. It has a great view…oh, did I mention that already?


And since I love salad (you’d never guess from looking at me) I’d make a good porcupine as they eat tons of greens such as leaves, green plants, skunk cabbage, twigs and bark – of course I would put in an order for chocolate covered twigs and bark.

When I was a kid I climbed trees all the time – and so do porcupines…so I would love to climb trees again as a porcupine.

And they have such a cool look, don’t you think? I love their protective armor. My dog Laura (who passed away many years ago) was into chasing porcupines…there were several times she came home with her snout riddled with quills. My dad would sigh and patiently take out the quills one by one with the pliers…what a daunting task! That sweet dog never learned. LOL


So yeah, I would love to shift into a porcupine some day. I think it would be quite the adventure. 🙂



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