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bigstock_Male_Rear_In_Underwear_405966My MANhandler picture today is one of my personal favorites. I’m rather partial to everything about this photo. Everything. Enjoy!

I am admittedly either very good at avoiding writing or very bad at managing my time. I’m not sure which it is, but it’s sort of a personal epiphany to sit here and acknowledge all the things I do¬†other than write when I sit in front of the computer. For example, when I received my reminder that this was my day to blog, I immediately ditched the manuscript and dove into writing here vs. there. Such a lack of willpower! I’m easily led astray these days, and here are a few of the things that occupy my attention:

Supernatural: I’m pretty much an urban fantasy diehard, and some of what I write is pretty graphic in the way of violence. Ironically, I have to watch half of this show through my fingers. But when the eyes are on the screen and the hands over the face, very little writing gets done. Yay, Netflix! NOT HAPPY. I blame Tibby Armstrong.

Merlin: I’m a total BBC-Wales addict thanks to this show. I don’t catch it on regular programming, but I bought the first season on a whim and became addicted within minutes. I absolutely love this show and will watch it over and over and over. So good!

Twitter: It’s nothing for me to fall into Twitter and emerge hours later wondering what happened. I become engrossed in the most ridiculous things, like #Sharknado. W. T. H. My brain automatically assigns hashtags to things now. It’s a real #problem.

Blogging: I love to blog. It’s like chatting, and I’m very proficient at chatting. Sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and have to go write Laptop and Email symbol in devil shapeimmediately, sharing thoughts and ideas and best practices with my readers and fellow writers. Other times it’s publishing news. And yet others? It’s all about me getting a cat. Capital time suck.

Fotolia: This is my favorite royalty-free photo site. Sometimes, when I’m looking for inspiration for a book or a scene or a setting, I’ll spend an hour or three browsing photos and adding to my collection of MANhandler pics. Hey, somebody has to do it!

And the “more” I reference? That’s the internet in general. I get lost in it, browsing Ebay and CNN and Yahoo. It’s ridiculous! If I’d gain a little more focus and hammer on, I’d get a lot more done. I just don’t think life would be complete without my MANhandler days, though. They keep me sane. ūüôā


What are your favorite online haunts? Share and give me other places to frequent. Pretty please?

Bullet-Proof Kinks – Hurt/Comfort and DubCon

According to one definition, a bulletproof kink is a story element a fanfiction reader likes or is turned on by regardless of poor writing quality, implausibility, or unsavory plot elements.

Most readers have something that they just can’t get enough of whether they are consciously aware of that fact or not. It doesn’t have to be something that fits the more common idea of kink–like leather or gags. It just needs to be something that the reader gets hot and bothered about whether that reaction is reasonable or not.¬†For some folks, it’s something as simple as reading about neck kissing, or regular sized women, or buying a dog together.

Keira’s bullet-proof kink is hurt-comfort. Have one protagonist be injured or sick while his love interest must stand by and cope with all the feelings of helplessness that brings on and then follow that up with a great deal of comforting of the unwell party? Keira is on board that train! She’s chugging out of the station! Whoo-hoo! All aboard!

I'm willing to bet some money that this fanart of Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf makes Keira feel fluttery and hot inside.

I’m willing to bet some money that this fanart of Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf makes Keira feel fluttery and hot inside.

And then there’s me. Yes, it should be known that I am pretty much the depraved one of this writing team. My bullet-proof kink? The thing I’ll read horrible, terribly written books or stories in order to get my fix of? Yes, that would be the very pervy dubcon, also known as dubious consent.

Let me be clear, in actual life I am a firm believer in good, clear consent. Every party of every sexual encounter must be able to enthusiastically consent to sex without any feeling of coercion, manipulation, or other imposing circumstance.

But in fiction and fantasy? Well, let’s just say that my earliest semi-sexual fantasies involved me being Robin (of Batman and Robin), and I’d been kidnapped, and said kidnappers were doing terribly wonderful-feeling things to me as a form of ‘torture’ while Batman frantically tried to rescue me. When it comes to fantasy, I am all for consent being incredibly suspect.

That guy is passed out, yo! You do not have consent to press your lips on his! Oooh, um, maybe that's kinda hot in this fantasy where Dean kisses Castiel.

That guy is passed out, yo! You do not have consent to press your lips on his! Oooh, um, maybe that’s kinda hot in this fantasy where Dean kisses Castiel.

I have been known to read pages and pages of complete crap simply because the set up and follow through hinted at dubcon. It doesn’t matter to me if it is Fuck or Die, Sex Pollen, or Aliens Made Them Do It. If it’s dubcon, I’m in.

Now, does it matter if the story is well-written? Of course. I’d much prefer that it was! Anyone would, but I’m even willing to overlook the use of epithets* (usually an automatic DNF for me) for some halfway well-done dubcon sex scenes. I’m just wrong in the head like that, okay? I make no apologies for the Cat Aliens dubcon I read the other day, okay? It’s my bullet-proof kink. My hands were tied.

*epithets: an adjective or descriptive phrase expressing a quality regarded as characteristic of the person or thing mentioned. Nothing kills a book or story for faster than the use of ‘the dark haired man’ or ‘the beautiful ballerina’ once we already know the characters’ names. If dubcon is my bullet-proof kink, then epithets are my bullet-proof turn off. Uh, unless dubcon is applied and then dubcon cancels out the epithets.


Keira Andrews and¬†Leta Blake¬†write fairy tale inspired m/m erotica and romantica with Ellora’s Cave. Check out Ascending Hearts, available through Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and others! And also remember to look at Earthly Desires, the first book in the Tempting Tales series, available for purchase at¬†Amazon,¬†Barnes and Noble, and¬†Ellora’s Cave.

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